Centre “In Need of Critical Support” To Stay Open

November 18, 2019

The Centre on Philanthropy said they will be “forced to close its doors on December 15th, unless it can secure funding commitments” with the organisation saying they are ”in need of critical support from the community to stay open.”

A spokesperson said, “The Centre on Philanthropy has confirmed that it will be forced to close its doors on December 15th, unless it can secure funding commitments from corporate and private donors.

“For almost three decades Bermuda’s nonprofit organisations have relied on The Centre on Philanthropy to help them deliver critical services to the community.

“Now, The Centre finds itself in need of critical support from the community to stay open. Without funding, nonprofits will no longer have access to vital support for their operations and programmes.”

“There is a misconception that giving to The Centre takes funds away from other charities. In fact, the opposite is true. What we do is help those organisations be more effective, and at little or no cost to them,” says Executive Director, Danielle Riviere.

“The Centre’s mission is to build capacity within the nonprofit sector so that donor dollars are used more effectively. This includes training and education, resources like volunteer.bm, advocacy and leadership within the nonprofit sector.”

In her meetings with community stakeholders Ms. Riviere has been sharing the vision for The Centre which she said is “defined in the organisation’s Theory of Change.”

“With an infusion of much needed funds, The Centre will seek opportunities for collaboration between charitable organizations and donor communities, and provide support systems, assessment, research and information for the nonprofit sector,” a spokesperson said.

“We have so much important work to do for Bermuda, especially in a difficult economy where donor dollars are hard to come by,” says Board Chair, Joel Schaefer.

“We’ve taken a step back and talked to our stakeholders to ensure we are delivering value. Our new initiative has been developed in response to their needs, but we need financial support to make it a reality. We are simply running out of time.”

“If you would like to assist The Centre on Philanthropy or learn more about their new initiative, please contact Danielle Riviere at 236-7706 or driviere@centreonphilanthropy.org.”

When asked what amount of funding they need, a spokesperson told Bernews, “We need $300,000 to hire resources and develop new programmes and services between now and our end of year.

“We need funding to have the time to implement our Theory of Change strategy which includes a funding model based on fee for service, donations and social enterprise.

“With clear outcomes and developed income streams we can build a sustainable model for The Centre to move forward.”

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  1. trufth says:

    Sorry but if I can scrape up any money to donate (after paying inflated taxes) I will donate DIRECTLY to the charity of my choice.

    Maybe in better times the COP was justifiable, but no, not anymore. We ALL have to tighten our belts.