‘We Implore All Parties To Resolve These Issues’

February 18, 2020

Following yesterday’s industrial action at the school, the Dellwood PTSA has implored all parties “to resolve these issues as soon as possible in the best interest of our students.”

A spokesperson said, “The most recent incidents affecting the students of the Dellwood Middle School have been distressing to all concerned.

“Our concern as parent representatives is that there is a lack of communication between the various administrative layers within our public school system that hinders a productive teaching environment for our children.

“We have met with the Principal, teaching body, inclusive of teacher union representatives, Department of Education officials and the Minister of Education as an immediate course of action in response to yesterday’s events. We have voiced our grave fears over scheduling and related manpower issues and their impact on student learning, with the Principal and most recently the staff. We share many of their concerns.

“We do take a degree of comfort in the Minister of Education’s immediate response to yesterday’s events, in particular the hand of conciliation extended by the Minister to bring resolution to this matter, at least until the school year has ended.

“We are aware of a recent press release by the BUT regarding actions taken adversely affecting teachers related to these recent events. We respect their right to protect their members. For clarity however, it is necessary to state, as parents, our common interest in this matter is to support the teachers in ensuring the scheduling and related human resources are congruent for the remainder of the school year.

“We strongly believe the issue warrants working with the Minister, Department, the Commissioner, Principal and teaching body in good faith in the days ahead.

“We therefore look forward to working with these parties toward immediate resolution of these concerns so that our children can return to the best teaching environment that can  be provided, given the circumstances.

“An impasse will not help the situation to go away. We therefore implore all parties, as a matter of urgency, to resolve these issues as soon as possible in the best interest of our students.”

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  1. I do not understand why the Peoples Campaign have not organized any marches yet. Anyone no why?