Glenn Jones Appointed Interim CEO Of BTA

March 10, 2020

The Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Glenn Jones has “been appointed Interim CEO until an executive search can identify a long-term leader for the organisation,” the BTA Board announced today.

Reporting to the Board, Mr Jones will also continue in his current role as Chief Experience Development Officer for the BTA.

“Glenn is a Bermudian who has grown and developed within the ranks of the BTA and performed very well in a variety of evolving roles, latterly in the c-suite,” said BTA Chair Paul Telford.

“I have no doubt he will be able to step into the CEO role with strength and confidence during this interim period. He has an extremely strong leadership team around him, which I’m certain will support him to the fullest, in liaison with the Board. We’re confident in Glenn’s ability to pilot the BTA on its ever-successful trajectory.”

Glenn Jones Bermuda March 10 2020

Mr Jones joined the BTA in January 2015, first serving as Director of Public & Stakeholder Relations before leading the rollout of Bermuda’s National Tourism Plan as Director of Strategy & Corporate Communications.

In his current role,he leads a team responsible for: empowering Bermuda entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop on-island experiences, driving growth in visitor spending, and maintaining high visitor satisfaction.

“I’m proud for the opportunity to lead a team that helped fuel a 37-percent increase in air arrivals for Bermuda since 2015,” said Mr Jones.

“During this interim period, I hope to inspire our team and the industry to the same principles that got us here: data-driven decision-making, commitment to stakeholder engagement, and strategic focus on the long view. At the same time, we’ll be focused on an agile response and innovative thinking to navigate the formidable headwinds we face in the near-term.”

Mr Jones’ appointment follows last month’s departure of former CEO Kevin Dallas, and the Board said “it expects to expedite timing for the launch of a robust recruitment process for the permanent CEO position, ensuring continuity and ongoing leadership for the six-year-old destination management organisation.”

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  1. Jess says:

    Congratulations, Glenn. Well-deserved.

  2. frank says:

    Mr Jones should in the end be given the CEO job

    • sandgrownan says:

      That’s not how the real world works.

      We all like Glenn, but he needs to apply for the role when recruitment begins. It’s not uncommon at this point, to re-assess the role profile, required skills etc.

      The mistake most organisations make is to promote the next in line which doesn’t necessarily equate to the best candidate.

      I hope he applies and is successful.

      (but, who TF would want to work with the lunatic Zane prowling around in the background…)

      • Fisherman says:

        I totally agree with you.

      • Truth says:

        Your UBPoba is so desperate it wants to work with JETGATE…. so what’s the difference?

        Next time you look for a leader don’t pick from the bottom of the snakes and ladders. Further more Zane can run circles around your current leader so that says much about the current UBPoba.

        • Dunn juice says:

          It shows with the bus schedule. IJS

        • Sandgrownan says:

          Not sure how any of that is relevant.
          However, let’s bring up the real jetgate, when real public money was squandered.

  3. frank says:

    this man should be given the job as ceo

    • JahkaiS says:

      i don’t think he’s on the friends and family plan.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        You must have a short memory.

        • JohnnyB says:

          So what youre sayin is that Kevin Dallas was kicked out by PLP and Glen is there because he is on the friends and family plan.

      • hmmm says:

        Wouldn’t you like to know LOLOL. Don’t worry about his party affiliation.

  4. JohnnyB says:

    Glad to see Glen, a smart and experienced individual at the helm.

  5. dunn juice says:

    Glad for him, but the writing was on the wall.

  6. Caesar says:

    Just like in ancient Rome.

    Now we know.

  7. Nancy Amanti says:

    I would encourage the BTA Board to make Glenn Jones’ interim CEO position a permanent one. You will find no one who works harder, has the required experience, knowledge and desire to bring Bermuda to its fullest potential. It would be a huge failing and disappointment if the BTA Board passes up this huge opportunity.