Project Action’s Bus Back On The Road

March 23, 2020

Project Action Chairwoman Cindy Swan has announced that the initiative’s bus is back on the road to assist seniors and the physically challenged.

A spokesperson said, “One thing is for sure: prayer does work and thankfully Project Action is blessed to have volunteers who have faithfully prayed for support to keep the wheels turning on the Project Action buses.

“Concerned for the well-being of persons dependent on Project Action’s services heightened during these critical times, volunteers Rose Douglas and driver Pauline Deshields’ prayers were answered as the van got back on the road last Friday.

“Ironically, this is the first time since Project Action’s inception in 1998 that we did not have enough funds to license and insure our vans for March 1. Hence, we were off the road for 20 days.

“We were deeply saddened that for the first time since inception they were unable to get the vehicles on the road.

“We have operated for two decades with only one paid driver and when he retired last year, we were unable to afford to hire a new driver.

“With diminishing funds, our chairperson Cindy Swan shared that the Board decided not to hire a driver until we could fully financially afford the salaried position.

“Project Action were soon after blessed to have Mrs Pauline DeShields volunteer her services and she has been filling in taking out seniors and various senior organizations to their functions.

“Ms Swan said that what made her approach BF&M on Friday morning were the phone calls she received in the past few days from various seniors looking for transportation and a senior organization looking for help in delivering 40 bags of groceries, and especially a desperate lady saying she needed to get to dialysis, as the public transport wasn’t available.”

Ms. Swan said, “I didn’t sleep much Thursday night and got up before dawn seeking spiritual guidance. My spirit led me to contact BF&M and within 15 minutes of my voice message I was able to get a positive response and within the hour vehicle CS92 was road worthy.

“Mrs DeShields is now dialing up those who needed help to offer Project Action’s help, delivering the groceries and helping others.”

The spokesperson said, “During the next two weeks’ incubation period, if there’s any senior that needs emergency transportation, Project Action will be providing free transportation assistance. If you need the service in the following two weeks, please call Mrs Deshields at 292-0445 or 735-1955 for assistance.

“Project Action is still working toward resuming the full-time service as the board is planning several fundraising endeavors to be able to rehire a driver and resume the door to door free service.”

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