Corbishley: Man ‘Deliberately Coughed On’ Police

April 14, 2020

[Updated] Four police officers had to be quarantined after being “deliberately coughed on” by a person they arrested, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said.

In a video posted on his social media account, Commissioner Corbishley said, “Quite a serious incident last night when four BPS officers involved in the arrest and transportation of an individual back to Hamilton police station were deliberately coughed on by the person, who announced that he was coronavirus….we don’t know if that is the case, but the impact of it is serious.

“We’ve had to quarantine the four officers while we establish the facts; obviously that has an impact on them and their families, costs to police, government, time, taking away specialist resources from the front line.

“The individual is going to go to court hopefully today, and it will be a matter for the court how he’s dealt with, but I take the issue extremely seriously, and I’m sure the whole of Bermuda does when we have such an important agenda to look after people’s health.”

Update 5.24pm: A press statement sent out from Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said, “By now, the public is aware of the abhorrent actions of a member of the public which resulted in four members of the Bermuda Police Service having to be quarantined as a precaution to ensure they have not contracted the novel Coronavirus [COVID-19].

“It all stemmed from the arrest of an individual who deliberately coughed on two officers during an arrest for drink driving. The suspect who was also in breach of Shelter in Place Orders, claimed at the time, that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“His claims are yet to be confirmed.

“Two other officers also became concerned for their safety after the individual sustained an injury as he struggled with them while being processed at the Hamilton Police Station.

“All four officers have now been placed in quarantine for the next fourteen days.

“This situation highlights the dangers faced by all frontline workers as we seek to ensure public safety in the face of what is a highly contagious disease.

“Actions such as those faced by these officers will not be tolerated and anyone engaging in them will be made to feel the full brunt of the law.

“Let this be a warning.

“The members of the Bermuda Police Service are here to serve and protect and have done so in a professional manner, braving the dangers presented by these unprecedented times.

“Let me reiterate, any action, by anyone, to further endanger the lives of our officers will not be tolerated and offenders will be made to feel the full brunt of the law.”

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  1. Dunn juice says:

    Throw the key away, animals don’t even do that stuff.

  2. Stoked says:

    Are you bloody serious? What an idiot!

  3. Jak says:

    I know someone did that in the US and they got charged with terroristic acts, because that’s pretty much what it is with something that can spread as dangerous as that.

  4. Heya says:

    As of today 0.025 percent of the world population have contracted coronovirus. o.oo7 percent have very sadly died.

    What is the plan? Saturday is arriving, what difference does a week make to the spread and death rate? Why are we not being given the truth by the government on tests. We Have had multiple days Recently without test results, why is this? One minute we are getting tests on a plane from China, the next Cayman have sold us 35,000. The Uk is sending us 1000 and then x thousand a week., yet we test so few people in the tens not the 100′s and at the very low end of the tens.

    At this rate we are going to be shut up for the whole of 2020. WHAT IS THE GOVT PLAN, or are they just making it up as they go along, while trying to spin support that they are doing a good job, when clearly they are not.

    We were top 13 in the world on deaths per million people last night, This is a fail to protect and a fail to plan to protect. So let’s have the whole plan. It isn’t hard, there are only a few variables. We accept that the plan may change, but we want to here the endgame as it stands TODAY Thank you. If we hear nothing, it would be because our well paid govt haven’t got a clue, same goes if they attack the messenger. Peoples lives are at stake govt, so let’s hear the truth and the plan. Not asking for much at all here.

  5. watcher says:

    I would wear my hand out on anyone who did that to myself or a colleague. If the courts don’t throw the absolute book at this sub-human then I despair at where the island is going to go to.

    • Southampton says:

      The court will only slap his hands and say “Bad Boy”.
      The court has no backbone.

  6. Maddog says:

    DISCRACEFUL Lock him up immediately and Charge him with attempted murder. And don’t you be telling me he was not of sound mind….he was cleaver enough to know that action would have an impact….JERK

  7. Southampton says:

    Beat the hell out of him.
    Do what they do in other countries. Beat him.

  8. Bobby Jones says:

    Absolutely horrible that this person did this.
    He/she is no better than an animal. He should be put in a mental isolation cell for a number of years and even then should only be released once he/she is taught to be a civilized human.

  9. bluenose says:

    What an absolute axx&&le! Throw the book at him for four cases of assaulting a Police Office, not to mention attempted murder!

  10. puzzled says:

    Sad. Very sad.
    I know it’s frustrating out there but this idiot had clear intent to do what they did.

    Even if he knows he does not have it nor has been tested he should get 5 years and isolation.


  11. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    I really hope the Magistrate throws the book at him

  12. qua fata says:

    charge the fool with attempted pre meditated murder but let me be the judge

  13. Wow says:

    I would cough on him with my fist.

  14. Wahoo says:

    So assault with a deadly weapon?

  15. JAYBIRD says:

    Hope those cops beat the crap out of him..

  16. Dunn juice says:

    Also name and shame the fool

  17. Kathy says:

    They should march his ass down to King Edward and let him spend 24 hours in a room with a Covid-19 patient:

    1. in the hopes he will catch the disease himself and
    2. so he can learn how people are suffering from this virus