Police: A ‘Number Of Loud Music Complaints’

April 27, 2020 | 5 Comments

“The BPS has received a number of loud music complaints over the weekend and I feel it’s worth reminding the public that the Summary Offences Act prohibits the unreasonable operation of loud speakers for either music or the spoken voice if the sound can be heard more than 100 feet from its source,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said.

“The BPS is, of course, aware that during these difficult times when people are restricted to their homes they need an outlet and playing their music is one such outlet.

“We do however ask that people show consideration for all of their neighbours who may have their own peace and quiet disturbed and additionally we wish to remind people that there may be others in their neighbourhood who are still working as part of the essential services and are hoping to get some sleep after a long stressful shift.

“Please bear that in mind if the BPS come to your house and request that you turn the sound down it is because we have received calls complaining about the volume and not because we wish to stop you enjoying your music.”

Summary Offences Act 1926

Restriction on the making of noise

7 [1] Except under the authority and in accordance with the terms of a permit issued by the Commissioner of Police, a person commits an offence if—

  • [a] the person unreasonably causes noise which disturbs or annoys any person in the vicinity, or is likely to disturb or annoy any person in the vicinity, by —
    • [i] operating, or causing or allowing to be operated, any amplifier or loud speaker so as to amplify the sound made by the playing of any musical instrument or by the human voice or so as to amplify any other sound; or
    • [ii] playing or operating, or causing or allowing to be played or operated, any radio, television, music player or other device designed or adapted for the transmission of sound; and
  • [b] the sound in question is heard from a distance exceeding 100 feet from the source of the sound.

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  1. Andrea says:

    I wish to say “thank you, thank you, thank you” for publishing this story regarding the issue of loud noise particularly because many people have to work from home. Also, I hope and pray that the new norm will require Bermudian residents to adhere to this same legislation when the Lockdown has been lifted. We are a densely poplulated island and sadly this rule has been blatantly and disrespectfully ignored by many residents for too long. Why? Because they know they can get away with it without consequence. This is the perfect time to reset the dial for Bermuda and restore order starting with insisting that loud,disruptive noises cease. It is time!

  2. Town noise says:

    Every other night of the year the bars in town blare their music well over 100 feet across the harbour, until 3am at least. Yet the police never attempt to enforce the noice restrictions then.

    If the laws were uniformly enforced, there would be no issue. But picking and choosing when to enforce laws creates a simple disregard for laws in the community. Like the 35km speed limit…

  3. jambon says:

    Lip service. I’ve made numerous complaints about the inconsiderate “adults” next door, and have yet to receive a response from the police.

  4. Hey says:

    Agreed! It’s okay to play your music, but the whole island/parish doesn’t need nor want to hear your music blasting all in the distance all day. Very unnecessary and inconsiderate! Turn it down!!

  5. Ok Please correct me if I ma wrong but isn’t there a law on our books that music can be played up until a certain hour at night and then people have a right to complain, and I know that there may be several complaints that the police have had, but one in particular I think is quite annoying, a neighbor in St. David’s reporting a local minister for preaching the Gospel out in his own front yard.

    This has got to be the lowest of the lowest, especially when this minister does this every two weeks and none of his neighbors have ever complained, and I would go a step further and thanking this Christian Brother for praying for the Country as a whole, that’s much more then I can say for the Premier, who I would have thought by now would have long had a member of the Christian Clergy pray for the entire Island during one of his press conference’s.

    The Premier and the National Security Minister are doing the best that they can with the leadership of the Ministry of health, but both of these gentleman professes to be born again Christians, and with all due respect I have one clear message.

    After you have exhausted all your humanly resources, why not try the one who made it all possible, the same God that we profess to serve and this is not trying to be judgmental, but we are in a State of Crisis, and even President Trump as much as many don’t like him, is not stupid of the fact that he even had an ordain minister come to the Oval Office 3 times already and pray on national television for the Nation, because at the end of the day that’s what it’s really going to take for our over safety.

    I just hope someone can clear up the time frame about the noise pollution law we have on our law books and what time of day is a correct time to be able to play your music at the level you choose, or in this case, “PREACH THE GOSPEL”.

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