Video: Lockdown Football Skills Contest Promo

April 25, 2020

GoMedia and SGI Sports recently announced that they are holding a football skills contest, with people invited to send in videos showing off their skills and prizes to be awarded to the winners.

The contest, dubbed the ‘Lockdown Football Skills Competition,’ is being held between April 23 and May 2 and will see participants send 30-second unedited clips of their juggling skills.

Participants can send their videos via WhatsApp at 504-7070 or email at

Promo video featuring Shaun Goater, Nahki Wells and Kyle Lightbourne


  • “A video of you juggling, keeping the ball off the ground, floor, or any surface for a period of 30 seconds.
  • “You are not allowed to touch the ball with your hands once you start juggling the ball.
  • “You may do as many tapes as you wish, but absolutely no editing, any change of shot that indicates an edit will disqualify the applicant.


  • Ladies [Juniors, U16, Seniors 16-39, Masters 40+]
  • Men [Juniors, U16, Seniors 16-39, Masters 40+]

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