BPS: ‘Actions Proportionate To Threat Posed’

May 26, 2020

The police have commented on a video clip circulating on social media showing the arrest of an individual by armed police officers, with Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes saying that the officers’ actions were “found to be proportionate to the threat posed based on the information received.”

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of a video clip circulating on social media and showing the arrest of an individual by armed police officers on the evening of Monday 25th May.”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said, “The actions of the officers shown in the video were in response to information received and as part of ongoing efforts to disrupt gang activity and anti-social behaviour.

“The individual shown being taken into custody has since been bailed.

“Despite the sensational appearance of the video clip, I can assure the public that the actions of the arresting officers have been reviewed, as is the case with every police use of force, and found to be proportionate to the threat posed based on the information received.

“While the public will not be accustomed to seeing this sort of dynamic policing, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

“Our Use of Force policies and tactics are carefully put together using best practice from the UK and other jurisdictions who police using a Community Policing Model. Our approach will always be to be firm but always measured and commensurate to the situation with which we are faced.

“The BPS is committed to ensuring the safety of the Bermuda public and we will continue to address criminal activity, whatever form it might take, in a robust manner to ensure we meet our Mission Statement of ‘Making Bermuda Safer.’

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  1. jj ff says:

    Mission Statement of ‘Making Bermuda Safer.’

    IS a terrible mission statement. It implies force. Hopefully one day you will change this.

    • wahoo says:

      Well Boo-Hoo, if Bermuda was a safe place we would not need armed police but it isn’t. I would hate to see how bad things could get if we did not have the police force. I am grateful for them.

      • H.Stirling says:

        Clearly you are used to violence yourself or else you would not want the police being so violent. Secondly, The police are ONLY police by consent therefore an policies enacted must take into account how the public themselves would see the police actions.

  2. Charlly X says:

    Well the Response from the police were due to the actions of the accused. If you wanna act like a gangster…. People don’t want to live in fear and they will not. These lil bies better do some research. Gangstas go jail or die Young . Live by the sword die by the Sword .

    • sage says:

      So a “gangster” or gangsta needs to be chased down and arrested at gunpoint like ‘they do in Britain’, in a sensational manner due to the seriousness of information received, yet he is bailed within 24 hours?

    • H.Stirling says:

      Your statement is incorrect. Unless you were there, you could not possibly know what their actions were and the police did not say. They stated their actions were in line with policy of the UK and other places. I reside in UK and their actions are question because police take it too far. Secondly, do you really expect the police to admit the went too far with their actions. Thirdly, Bermuda IS NOT the UK. They should enact policies that best represent Bermuda and her peoples.