Employment Impact Of Covid-19 In Bermuda

May 15, 2020

Total Research Associates Limited [TRA] recently conducted a pulse survey to determine the employment impact of Covid-19 in Bermuda, saying that approximately four in ten have experienced a reduction in their number of work hours, one-third have seen a reduction to their salary or pay and one-quarter of islanders [excluding those who are retired] have experienced a layoff.

A spokesperson said, “Following its rapid spread around the world, Covid-19 has brought along significant economic, employment, and social changes, and Bermuda residents believe the virus to be an extremely serious threat, and one they are concerned about.

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“Indeed, surveyed in April, seven in ten residents rate the Covid-19 pandemic as a serious threat to the island. Across demographics, women, and those with household incomes between $75,000 and $149,999 per year as opposed to those earning less, are more likely to see the pandemic as a serious threat.

“Moreover, eight in ten residents express concern that they themselves will contract the virus, while a similar eight in ten are concerned for an immediate family member. Once again, there are differences across demographics with women and black residents expressing greater concern than their counterparts about contracting the virus.

“The pandemic has had a serious impact on residents’ work and income. Indeed, approximately four in ten have experienced a reduction in their number of work hours, while one-third have seen a reduction to their salary or pay. Most notably, one-quarter of islanders [excluding those who are retired] have experienced a layoff.

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“Of note, these impacts have affected low income earners to a much greater extent than those with higher incomes. Further, reductions in work hours hit older residents, Bermudians and black residents to a greater extent than their counterparts, and men and black residents are more likely to have seen a reduction in salary or pay.

“Of those who experienced a layoff [n=86], six in ten have applied for the temporary unemployment benefit provided by the Government. Of those applied [n=48], more than one-half have received payment at the time of data collection.

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“These results are the first part of a snapshot TRA Bermuda Omnibus pulse survey conducted in April 2020 with a random sample of 400 adult residents of Bermuda [18 years of age or older]. The survey was conducted by phone from April 22-29, 2020. Overall results are accurate to within ± 4.9 percentage points, 95 out of 100 times. More results from this study will be released in coming days.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Free Bermuda says:

    Does unemployment or lost wages really matter if we are trying to save lives? Some things are more important than a few people not being able to work.

  2. Jack says:

    So I must b 1 of the ONLY 1′s that have not been paid since the BEGINNING.. my roommate n i put my paper work in online a day after it started. He’s been paid 3 times so far… including todays pay. I’ve got over 25 emails going back and forth with the UNEMPLOYMENT BENIFITS…..BUT STILL NOTHING!!! I DO HAVE CHILDREN!! I SHOULDNT HAVE 2 DEPEND ON HELP FRM PPL THAT HAVE 2 DEPEND ON THIS GOVERNMENT….WHICH I SHOUD BE GETTIN FRM THIS GOVERNMENT. I DONT HAVE NOTHING AGAINST FOREIGN WORKERS BUT HOW ARE THEY GETTIN PAID BEFORE BERMUDIANS(and before anyone says anything I work as a Chef and I’m a Bermudian) so whod gonna HELP me?….looks like I’m gotta do it with out any…..

  3. Life matters says:

    Please Government step in and help ASAP
    This is reality!!! We will all be affected, and what a double whammy!!
    Marriages are already disruptive.People need to eat.I’m helping as best I could with some persons still waiting.