WindReach Launches Hobby Horse Campaign

June 10, 2020

WindReach has launched a campaign to distribute 150 hobby horses with custom lesson plan packages to their student participants while schools remain closed due to Covid-19.

A spokesperson said, “The events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic has everyone looking at the world through a new lens. Our view is obstructed with the reality of disease, a fragile economy and the uncertainty of a new norm.

“It is now common for us to focus on one day at a time, only the essentials matter. But if we take a step back from focusing so closely on our own day, we have the opportunity to recognise that what is essential to one, may not even be a thought to another.

“As we navigate these uncharted waters together, it is more important than ever to support those most impacted. Essentials include nourishment and a roof over our heads, but these essentials share the stage with quality of life. Mental health and daily purpose play a significant role in our ability to overcome challenge.

WindReach Custom Hobby Horse Bermuda June 2020 (1)

“For a moment, let’s think about the many individuals that are living with multiple and/or complex special needs, including the 200 plus participants that engage in weekly programming at WindReach.

“The majority of our island’s residents will adapt relatively quickly to the sudden change thrust upon us. However, for WindReach’s programme participants, changes in daily activities and living routines can be quite challenging.

“You see, people living with special needs are often forced into social isolation daily as societal barriers prevent them from engaging in activities that enrich their overall quality of life and wellness. Social isolation is new to many, but to individuals living with special needs, community stereotypes have led to life-long isolation.

“Like many charities, WindReach is having to look at new ways to deliver our services. Withdrawing services to those who need us now more than ever is not an option. What’s the solution? If we cannot bring participants to WindReach, we will just have to bring WindReach to them.

“For our student participants, the usual school week included purposeful lessons and therapy. Their visits to WindReach support social and educational goals inside and outside of the classroom. The classroom may now double as a dining room, but there is still room to keep on learning and growing.

“The community is invited to join with us to share a symbol of WindReach to our student participants while they are adapting to learning from home without their usual day-to-day supports.

“We aren’t Hobby Horsin’ Around! Give us a leg up so we can provide a curbside delivery. We have 150 hobby horses with custom lesson plan packages to support our participants [and parents/guardians] over the weeks ahead.

“A $30 donation will deliver a slice of WindReach to one of our student participants: a one of a kind hobby horse, with a personalised student plan to support the unique goals they would be working on at WindReach.

“Representing diversity and inclusion for all, we have purposefully created the hobby horses so no two horses are alike. Our lives are as unique as our journeys. Saddle up and help us all get through this together.

WindReach Custom Hobby Horse Bermuda June 2020 (2)

“Here is how you can deliver support and a smile to a student who cannot get to WindReach:

  • “Email your pledge to to coordinate with a member of our team. We are accepting donations online by direct deposit or by credit card.
  • “Minimum donation of $30 supports one student to receive a custom hobby horse with a custom set of activities and daily suggestions to support their unique goals and skill development.
  • “As donations come in, the horses will go out for curbside delivery to their new home.

“We anticipate there will be a small supply of hobby horses available to interested parties who are not currently enrolled in WindReach’s programmes. If you are interested in purchasing a hobby horse with a WindReach home activity packet, we are pleased to offer a Donate One, Buy One initiative.

“For each horse that is donated to a WindReach participant, the donor will be eligible to purchase one hobby horse. Please know that this offer is only available while surplus supplies last. The donation and purchase must take place in the same transaction.

“For more information on how you can help or for general information on our therapeutic and recreational services, please email To directly reach out to a Programme Coordinator or learn more about other ways our charity needs your support, please visit our website.

“For donation related questions, do not hesitate to connect with Tammalita Joseph on

“You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram at @windreachbermuda. All funds received will be vested to restarting our much-needed therapeutic and educational programmes as soon as it is safe to do so. Online payments and donations can be made to WindReach’s HSBC account 010-857621-001. Please reference First Initial and Last Name HHorse eg. TSmith HHorse.”

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