New Book On PIPA Personal Information Act

July 23, 2020

The new book – The PIPA – a Practical Guide to the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 — is now available at the Bermuda Bookstore.

A spokesperson said, “Now available at the Bermuda Bookstore, ‘The PIPA – a Practical Guide to the Personal Information Protection Act 2016’, is designed as an informative aid to understanding privacy concepts and the Act. The book is sponsored by Gateway Systems Ltd., a Bermuda local company providing information security services and privacy consulting.

“While working with our clients we would spend time providing background information about privacy and the PIPA in general, so we felt it would be helpful to provide an informative guide about both and make it available to the public as well”, stated John Kyle, Managing Director, Gateway Systems.

“‘The PIPA – a Practical Guide to the Personal Information Act 2016’ was the work of a team of privacy experts. Written in a clear and easily accessible manner, this book provides straightforward practical information. It addresses the rights of individuals, the duties placed on organisations and gives examples.

The PIPA Bermuda July 2020

“Accompanying the book, a website has also been created. It details the contents of the book and contains a blog that will provide any addenda to the book, as well as updates about privacy and the PIPA as the landscape evolves and the Privacy Commissioner issues further information.

“The team that assisted in the creation of the book and website is called QuisSumus. They are:


  • “John Kyle is Managing Director of Gateway Systems Ltd.
  • “Nancy Volesky, CIPP/US, is a past Director of the Department of E-Commerce, Government of Bermuda and is currently a Privacy and Cybersecurity Consultant at Gateway Systems Ltd. She is also a Co-Chair of the International Association of Privacy Professionals [IAPP]’s, KnowledgeNet Bermuda Chapter.
  • “Michael Harding is a Sales and Privacy Consultant at Gateway Systems Ltd.


  • “Nigel Hickson is a former UK Civil Servant who worked in Bermuda as an adviser to the Minister for Telecommunications and E-Commerce from 2001-2004. He began the process that resulted in the drafting of the PIPA.
  • “Christopher Meyer is an accountant specializing in public finance and administration. He worked as a Comptroller for the Bermuda Government for over ten years
  • “Graham Wood is a privacy consultant based in the United Kingdom.
  • “The book cover image is by Charles Anderson, Bermuda

“We hope our book is a useful work of reference both for individuals and organisations. The increasing use of personal information makes the protection of individual rights even more important”, said Nancy Volesky.

For further information, please contact John Kyle at or 292-0341.

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