Column: Crafting Data Protection Vision

February 5, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by the TLC Group]

One of the first steps we recommend to our clients at the beginning of their PIPA Journey to Compliance is to craft their data protection vision statement. This aligns nicely with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s 1st quarter 2024 advice to start with organizational commitment.

Imagine your organization as a treasure trove, with data gems waiting to be uncovered and protected. Crafting a data protection vision starts with understanding what these gems truly mean to your organization.

In this exclusive Bernews article, we share with you one of our favourite exercises, which helps identify ‘What Does Data Mean to Your Organization?’

Crafting Data Protection Vision Column Feb 2024

So, grab your metaphorical shovels and let’s get started!

  • Gather the Treasure Hunters [Your Team]

Round up your team – the more diverse, the better! From IT wizards to frontline heroes, everyone’s perspective is valuable.

  • Define Your Organizational Landscape

Take a stroll through your digital landscape. What kind of data do you deal with? Customer information? Operational insights? Understanding your data terrain is crucial.

  • The Icebreaker – What’s Your Data Superpower?

Ask each team member to share one thing they believe the organization’s data does exceptionally well. It could be informing decision-making, enhancing customer experiences, or streamlining operations.

  • Uncover Data Stories

Encourage everyone to share a story about a time when data made a significant impact – the ‘Aha!’ moments. These anecdotes often reveal the true heartbeat of your data.

  • Dig into Emotions

Explore the emotional connection to data. What emotions does data evoke? Confidence? Trust? Excitement? This step unveils the human side of your data narrative.

  • Identify Data’s Role in Achieving Goals

Connect the dots between data and organizational goals. How does data contribute to mission critical objectives? This step ensures that your data is not just a bystander but an active participant in your success story.

  • Unearth Pain Points and Risks

Flip the coin and acknowledge the challenges. What pain points arise from mishandling data, and what risks could impact your organization? This step brings a realistic perspective to your data narrative.

  • Sketch Your Data Landscape

Get creative! Encourage your team to visually represent the data landscape – a doodle, a mind map, or even a digital collage. This exercise sparks fresh insights and perspectives.

  • Group Discussion

Assemble the team for a group discussion. Share findings, insights, and reflections. This collective brainstorming session will help reveal the essence of what data truly means to your organization.

  • Draft Your Data Manifesto

Based on the insights gained, draft a simple and impactful statement that encapsulates what data means to your organization. This becomes the heartbeat of your data protection vision.

Congratulations! You’ve just unearthed the treasure map to your organization’s data significance. By following these steps, you’ve laid the groundwork for a robust data protection vision that aligns with the unique DNA of your organization.

Remember, this exercise is not a one-time thing. As your organization evolves, so will the meaning of your data. Revisit this exercise periodically to keep your data protection vision dynamic and aligned with your ever-changing landscape.

Happy Data Discovering!

If you like the idea of being guided through developing a data protection vision statement that not only demonstrates your organization’s commitment to PIPA & holistic data protection compliance but also fosters trust, empowers innovation, and positions the organization as a leader in the data driven era, get in touch!

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