Azores Flight Charter: “A Day Of Many Emotions”

July 22, 2020

It was a “day of many emotions,” the Honorary Consul of Portugal said after the charter flight to the Azores departed, saying that they were able to help bring home Bermuda residents, but it was also a difficult day for many people who concluded their experience in Bermuda.

Yesterday the Honorary Consul of Portugal Andrea Moniz-DeSouza posted on social media, saying: “Today was a day of many emotions. We had the honor of having in Bermuda our beautiful SATA /Azores Airlines which left us feeling a little closer to our homeland.

“We were also able to help bring home to Bermuda residents and reunite many with families. But it was also a difficult day for many people today who for them today concluded their experience in Bermuda, for some good and others not very good and with many being left with no other option. The emotion was clearly visible on many faces. We wish everyone that left Bermuda today all the best wishes in your future.”

Photo courtesy of Skyport:

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“I would like to thank the community and especially to the TRIP Limited team, Luisa Goncalves Da Ponte, Vikki Ledo, Leila Barbara Millicent-Roberts, who did everything possible to help make this flight happen and were amazingly helpful to our community.

“Also a special thanks to the Azores Airlines team, especially Duarte Carreiro and Carlos Miguel Santos for making this venture a reality. We were an impeccable group. Thank you also for all the help from the Hon. Premier David Burt and the Government of Bermuda, His Excellency the Governor of Bermuda Mr. John Rankin, Government House, Bermuda and the Governments of Portugal and Azores for your help.

“May this bring about a new adventure for everyone.”

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  1. Brighten Early says:

    Many of our Portuguese people including my Grandparents and father were very hard working people. My dad was born here so at the time he had his Bermuda status. My Grandparents had there own farm and worked very hard. The Portuguese people have done so much for Bermuda’s agriculture through the years since the early 1900′s when my Grandparents arrived there were many other Portuguese families here. Now the Portuguese are being sent away. I don’t consider it very fair since they have done so much for Bermuda and if you call a Landscaper just a “grass cutter” you should be ashamed of yourself. Somehow I hope it can change in the future and The Portuguese people won’t be refused work permits?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Sorry to hear, wish them the best.
      My Ancestors built this Island for FREE for 400 years and didnt get one hog penny.
      And they worked VERY HARD.
      Life is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    One guy said he was paying $2000 Rent a month,now that landlord gets NOTHING!
    I wonder how many other Bermudian landlords experience this as of today.
    Burch’s green brigade have struck again.

  3. Allan says:

    I have to speak up as I am totally ashamed with this scenario, for the volunteers whom wanted to get back to their home lane, fine. And it would be nice in future to secure a direct flight between the Azores and Bermuda. But for the manner in which all others were treated, is disgraceful.

    Many Bermudians, especially our newest minister, to justify this in one way or the other is not acceptable.

    Is there a direct flight to Jamaica and Islands for those that are technically in the same category?

    Shame on us, for treating such a distinctive contribution to our culture this way.

    That is my opinion, and I am sure a lot of others.