Troy Anderson Joins Bermuda Weather Service

August 19, 2020

Troy Anderson was officially welcomed to the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] as a full Meteorological Forecaster.

A spokesperson said, “Troy Anderson, the first Bermudian forecaster to qualify in over a decade, was officially welcomed to the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] as a full Meteorological Forecaster, after completing on-the-job training at BWS and a rigorous course at the UK Met Office College.

“In a brief ceremony following a tour of BWS, Minister of Transport, the Hon. Neville Tyrell, JP, MP, Minister National Security, the Hon. Renee Ming, JP, MP, Bermuda Airport Authority Chairman Lawrence Scott JP, MP and Airport Authority CEO Lester Nelson congratulated Troy on his major achievement.

Troy Anderson Bermuda August 2020

“A graduate of Bermuda Institute, Troy studied at Florida International University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Geosciences [Atmospheric Sciences track], with a Minor in International Relations.

“His graduate trainee programme with the Bermuda Airport Authority included training with BWS’ team of operational forecasters and successfully completing the Operational Meteorologist Foundation Course at the UK Met Office College, covering aviation, marine and public weather forecasting.

“Troy’s time in England was cut short by the onset the Covid-19 pandemic when the College had to shut down operations. Before the shelter-in-place began locally, the Airport Authority brought Troy back to Bermuda to finish his course work and be assessed remotely.”

“Troy is dual certified as both a forecaster and meteorological technician [observer]. He received his first qualification as an observer last summer after training with the BWS observation team.

“Troy completed his Meteorological Forecaster qualification just in time for the height of the currently very active Atlantic hurricane season. Last year, he was on-site and training at BWS when Bermuda experienced Hurricane Humberto. He produced a number of social media videos highlighting important aspects of the storm for the public,” Dr. Guishard said.

Describing his lifelong interest in weather, Mr Anderson said, “I was eight-years old when Hurricane Fabian hit Bermuda. Shortly after, my mother took me to visit BWS and I’ve been hooked on weather ever since. Dr. Mark Guishard, BWS Director has been a mentor to me for many years for which I am very grateful. I enjoy both forecasting and breaking down the science of atmospheric conditions. I love what I do.”

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  1. Janet D. Smith says:

    Congratulations Troy.
    Well done. You worked hard for this and it has paid off. All the best.

  2. Waverley Minors says:

    Congratulations Troy!! Well Done! So proud of you!! All the best in your chosen career!

    Love from Aunt Waverley, Uncle Vince and Family

  3. Mixitup says:

    I don’t know you but you make me proud! Step up Bermudians!!

  4. Ty-Ron Douglas says:

    Major congratulations, Troy! Very proud of you! You are fulfilling our 7X class motto… “the greatest want of the world…”

  5. Joe Bloggs says:

    Indeed, congratulations Troy. I only wish the other Bermudian meteorologists were recognised in the same way.

  6. Karen Burgess says:

    Well done Troy, keep up the good work

  7. VANESSA YOUNG says:

    Congratulations Troy i wish you all the best you are a product of Bermuda Institute

  8. MCP says:

    Another positive and productive member of society from Bermuda Institute! Congratulations sir!

  9. Riett Lambert says:

    It is always a delight for me when our young people do well, and progress.
    You have worked hard and it has resulted in the success you are now enjoying.
    I don’t know you Troy, but I am Bermudian and a proud one at that.. Well Done
    young man.. You’ve made yourself, your family and your country proud. May God continue to Bless and progress you in all of your future endeavours.