OBA MP Trevor Moniz Retires From Politics

August 3, 2020 | 17 Comments

[Updated] OBA MP Trevor Moniz — who was elected to the House of Assembly 27 years ago — is “to retire from politics and step down as MP for Smith’s West,” the OBA announced today.

A spokesperson said, “Trevor Moniz, who was elected to the House of Assembly 27 years ago, is to retire from politics and step down as MP for Smith’s West.

“Mr Moniz served in the OBA Government as Minister of Public Works, then as Minister for Health and as the Attorney General.

“As a backbencher, Mr Moniz also initiated the Members’ Register of Interests for Members of Parliament and shepherded a Bill which opened the accounts of charities for public inspection.

Trevor Moniz Bermuda August 2020

“He also fought for the creation of the Working Residents Certificate in 1998 which gave long-term resident work-permit holders some rights of permanency in Bermuda which after the PLP’s election victory in 1998 became the Permanent Residents Certificate.

“In 2002, Mr Moniz was knighted by the President of Portugal for his services to the Portuguese community in Bermuda.”

““Mr Moniz attended Saltus Grammar School, and later studied law at King’s College, London, on “Bermuda Government scholarships. He was called to the Bar in England and Wales in 1976, and to the Bermuda Bar in 1977, still just 22. He was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship and attended the University of Toronto, graduating with a Diploma in Business Administration.”

In his retirement speech, Mr Moniz took aim at the PLP, saying: “Unfortunately, I must comment upon the continuing language of racial hatred and misogyny spewed by a few PLP members in our House of Assembly.

“The Premier and the Speaker should long since have put a stop to this behaviour, and the fact that they have not can only lead to the assumption that they approve.

“The Speaker must be above politics and should not be advocating for Independence, and he should apply the Standing Orders of the House fairly to both sides. Unfortunately, that is not happening now.”

“Mr Moniz also stood by his decision to pursue a civil case against the Lahey Group which he said, “only failed on a technicality” and which was part of a wider programme of combating allegations of corruption,” a spokesperson added.

One Bermuda Alliance Leader, Craig Cannonier paid tribute saying: “If a week is a long time in politics, 27 years must be an eternity and it is testament to Trevor’s unswerving desire to serve his constituents and his country that he has been such an effective politician for such a long time.

“Trevor’s voice will be missed. His sage advice, his wit and his incredible knowledge will not be replaced easily, and he will leave a big gap. I wish Trevor a very happy retirement. It is well deserved. I wish him well in whatever you choose to do.

“This represents a changing of the guard and I will soon announce the OBA’s candidate to sit in Smith’s West who I am sure will represent the constituency and the country with great passion.”

Update 6.37pm: Former OBA leader Michael Dunkley said: “Upon the retirement of Trevor Moniz, and as a colleague for 23 years, I wish to thank him for his service and commitment to the people of his constituency and Bermuda.

“Trevor was a valued colleague who was never afraid to question or take a difficult position if he thought it was the correct approach. As Premier I was grateful for his advice as the Attorney General and he was a valuable member of the Cabinet.

“Trevor has made a significant contribution to our island through the years, and while he will no doubt be missed, on behalf of my family we wish him the very best of health and happiness in his retirement from politics.”

Ben Smith, the Shadow National Security Minister, said: “Trevor will be missed in the House of Assembly.  In the time that I have worked with Trevor he has always been supportive, given guidance and great counsel. Trevor could be controversial at times, but he was great on his feet during debates and was always able to defend his colleagues and get his view across.”

Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Scott Pearman said: “Trevor Moniz has always been a political maverick – I’m not sure if he would love that description or hate it, but he has always marched to his own drum. He is man of fierce integrity, who has always fought for the little guy, and Bermuda was lucky to have him in politics.”

Pat Gordon-Pamplin added: “For the past 22 years, having sat alongside Trevor in the Legislature and in Caucus, I have had the benefit of his counsel. His forthright and ‘no holds barred’ approach to politics has been both refreshing and at times, even controversial.

“Despite constant criticism from the PLP from the other side of the aisle, whether Government or Opposition, Trevor withstood the barrage with stoic determination. Of one thing I am certain – Trevor gave of his very best during his time in Parliament to a task that is arduous at best and thankless at worst. I am appreciative of his service and wish him well in his retirement.”

Jeanne Atherdon, a former OBA leader, added: “I received the news of Trevor Moniz’s retirement with mixed emotions.  Trevor worked hard, was guided by his principles and did what he believed was right.

“I appreciated his wise counsel over the years and although he is retiring, I am sure that he will always be available to provide guidance and advice to anyone who seeks him out. I was pleased to call him a friend and look forward to continuing our long chats on the subjects of politics, tennis and the constitution.

“His retirement is well-deserved, and he will have more time for his family and playing pickleball.”

Update 8.11pm: A PLP spokesperson said, “The Progressive Labour Party has a long history of putting Bermudians first. In each of its platforms, it has laid out initiatives that empower the community and improve the lives of Bermudians. The PLP stands on a legacy of strong leaders who have spearheaded these initiatives. It is shameful that one of the longest-serving members of parliament would use his exit speech to disrespect other long-serving members of parliament, past and present. Unfortunately, however, this has been the normal course of action for Mr Moniz and the One Bermuda Alliance.

“Bermudians will recall that it was Trevor Moniz who spent millions of our taxpayer dollars pursuing frivolous politically motivated lawsuits that amounted to nothing but wasted time and money. He stood silently by as his colleagues tried to ram through an initiative to grant status to thousands of Bermudians. He failed to look into the JetGate scandal or address it in any substantive way. As Attorney General he failed to craft an airport contract to ensure Bermudian taxpayers would not have to pay foreign bondholders countless millions due to acts of God, like the one the OBA Government left Bermuda. And, he remained silent after our seniors were pepper-sprayed.

“On behalf of the PLP legislative team, we wish Mr Moniz well in his retirement. The PLP government will continue to execute its agenda for a fairer and better Bermuda and serving the people of this country. Each day, the PLP administration works to keep it’s promises to the people of Bermuda through reforming education, revitalizing our economy and navigating Bermuda through the unchartered waters of a pandemic. It’s clear from Mr. Moniz’ outburst that Bermuda needs capable and steady leadership that works us, not petty politicians looking to settle political scores.”

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  1. Gratitude says:

    Thank you Mr Moniz for 27 years of political integrity. You are absolutely correct in highlighting the unacceptable racial behaviour currently being practiced within the house, and Bermuda in general. It surely won’t be long before this continued practice will destroy the integrity that you truly fought for.

    • Thanks says:

      well said and we can probably guess with a certain amount of certainty whom he is referring to.If and that is a BIG IF this island is ever to grow this racial crap from elected officials needs to STOP. It aint helping either race nor the island.

    • Good riddance

      • Mixitup says:

        Ditto. He was never to be trusted in my eyes.

        • Anbu says:

          but u trust the others smh. Lmao. Go figure……. hate all u want. Ya mate trevor would have never tailed u the way your beloved plp are tailing u right now!! Carry on tho…..lmao

        • This is petty compared to what Dr. E.F. Gordon, Lois Brown Evens and company had to put up with from Henry Tucker and de Oligarch.
          So all de big bad talking about Dr. Brown and Lahey and Millions of dollars spent on a witch hunt, now things didnt go your way you want to take ya ball and go home!!!!!!!!!!!

        • SpongeBob, Fahey and now Moniz, it just dont get better!!!!!!!!!

        • bluenose says:

          Not surprised to see you and onion commenting like this. Could you please let me know why you thought he should not be trusted?

        • question says:

          Are you guys talking about Zane again?

      • saud says:

        OJ, the racist!

      • saud says:

        You’re still here?

  2. Toejam Express says:

    Hmmm. Evil takes a vacation?!? Very good to see this man go!!

  3. swing voter says:

    This guy was one of the reasons that so many black voters left the UBP aka OBA. Good riddance, hopefully the party can do better now.

  4. frank says:

    when he was the minister of W&E he turned off the water for dockyard

  5. Sandgrownan says:

    Typical dick PLP response.

  6. PotatoeT says:

    Onion your arrogance and blind outlook is something we should all try to get rid of

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