“Decolonizing The Black Adventist Mind” Part II

September 12, 2020

Dr. Sydney Freeman, Jr. will be hosting “Decolonizing the Black Adventist Mind-Part 2″ today [Sept 12], which will be live-streamed via YouTube and Facebook, with Bermudian Dr Ty Douglas set to be a panelist.

“Today at 3pm GMT, Dr. Sydney Freeman, Jr. will present “Decolonizing the Black Adventist Mind-Part 2″. A virtual panel discussion that challenges Black Seventh-day Adventist to think deeply about how to reconcile their cultural and religious heritage in light of colonization,” a spokesperson said.

“This panel includes dynamic leaders such as Bermuda’s own Dr. Ty-Ron Douglas. Other panelists are Pastor Michelle Mota, Ms. Claudia Allen, Pastor Jeremiah Sepolen, and Pastor Lawrence Souffrant. You won’t want to miss it. Invite your family, loved ones and friends. See you there!”

Decolonizing The Black Adventist Mind Bermuda Sept 2020

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