Lay’s Potato Chips Feature Rodney Smith Jr

September 16, 2020

Bermudian Rodney Smith Jr — well known for his charitable lawn mowing initiative in the USA — has been featured on Lay’s potato chips bags as part of a campaign that features the “real smiles of 30 ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their communities.”

The company said, “While shoppers’ smiles are currently hidden behind their masks, they’ll soon spot plenty of friendly faces in the snack aisle thanks to Lay’s, which is converting millions of potato chip bags to feature the real smiles of 30 “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things in their communities.

“During a time when joy is needed more than ever, the new Lay’s bags continue the brand’s mission to inspire even more smiles in 2020, with up to $1 million in proceeds benefitting Operation Smile.

“While this is the third year for the Lay’s Smiles bags in-store, savvy potato chip fans may notice they look a little different than previous versions. The more than 70 different bag designs were created using CGI technology after COVID-19 concerns required cancelling the in-person production that would have brought all the “Everyday Smilers” to Dallas for a VIP photo and video shoot experience. To quickly pivot, each “Everyday Smiler” was instead sent detailed instructions to capture self-portraits using their phones – and the resulting amateur photos were professionally enhanced for transferring on to the Lay’s bags.”

In describing why they selected Mr Smith, the company said, “Rodney and his organization, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, teach kindness and responsibility with the “50 Yard Challenge,” a call for kids to mow 50 lawns in their local communities. The challenge provides free lawn care for more than 33,000 people in need.”

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 1

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 4

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 3

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 2

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 6

Rodney Smith Jr Lay’s Smiles Bags Sept 2020 5

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  1. Outstanding says:

    If he is travelling by van all over America, where is our tourism logo on his transpo? Or will we do that when there is only one inch of space left.
    Well done Mr. Smith. Winning one life one lawnn mower at a creative. The man who changed the world.

  2. Weldon Wade says:

    Well done Rodney!

  3. Ms Davis says:

    Truly an amazing journey Rodney is on! Spectacular news to read! Congrats!!

  4. In a land as great as ours , I am surprised that only three persons have made comment . Doing good does not seem to get much attention in Bermuda . I wonder why !