List Of Polling Stations For General Election

September 7, 2020

With voters set to head to the polls, a look at the locations of polling stations for the 2020 General Election  — 36 in total, marking one for each of the Island’s constituencies — is below, with the information courtesy of the Parliamentary Registry’s official website:

Polling Station Rules;

  • Acceptable forms of Identification for voting;
    • A valid and signed Bermuda Drivers Licence
    • A valid and signed Voters Identification Card
    • A valid Passport issued by a commonwealth country
    • A valid Special Person’s card issued by the Transport Control Department
  • The use of electronic hand held devices is prohibited inside of the polling place. This includes; mobile phones, tablets, cameras, go pros etc.
  • No helmets or hoods

Vote In 6 Steps:

  • Enter polling station, and election worker greets you and shows you to the registration table
  • At your registration table, show your valid Identification
  • Election worker will stamp back of ballot, fold & hand you a ballot
  • Go into voting booth, mark, fold your ballot to keep it secret
  • Put your ballot in the box
  • Exit the building

Polling Stations

  • 1. St. George’s North – East End Primary School
  • 2. St. George’s West – Penno’s Wharf Cruise Ship Terminal
  • 3. St. Davids – Clearwater Middle School
  • 4. St. George’s South – Holy Trinity Church Hall
  • 5. Hamilton East – Francis Patton Primary School
  • 6. Hamilton West – Midland Heights Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall
  • 7. Hamilton South – Harrington Sound Primary School
  • 8. Smith’s South – Whitney Institute Middle School
  • 9. Smith’s West – St. Patrick’s Church Hall
  • 10. Smith’s North – Somersfield Academy
  • 11. Devonshire East – Christ Church Devonshire
  • 12. Devonshire South Central – Horticultural Hall, Botanical Gardens
  • 13. Devonshire North Central – CedarBridge Academy
  • 14. Devonshire North West – Prospect Primary School
  • 15. Pembroke East – National Sports Center, Sports Pavilion
  • 16. Pembroke East Central – Victor Scott Primary School
  • 17. Pembroke Central – Northlands Primary School
  • 18. Pembroke West Central – Berkeley Institute
  • 19. Pembroke West – West Pembroke Primary School
  • 20. Pembroke South West – Dellwood Middle School
  • 21. Pembroke South East – Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall
  • 22. Paget East – Bermuda College
  • 23. Paget West – St. Paul’s Church Hall, Paget
  • 24. Warwick South East – Warwick Seventh Day Adventist Church Hall
  • 25. Warwick North East – Bright Temple AME Church Hall
  • 26. Warwick South Central – St. Mary’s Church Hall
  • 27. Warwick North Central – Purvis Primary School
  • 28. Warwick West – Windreach Recreational Village
  • 29. Southampton East – Warwick Camp
  • 30. Southampton East Central – Heron Bay Primary School
  • 31. Southampton West Central – Mount Zion AME Church Hall
  • 32. Southampton West – Dalton E. Tucker Primary School
  • 33. Sandys South – Somers Isle Lodge
  • 34. Sandys South Central – West End Primary School
  • 35. Sandys North Central – St. James Church Hall
  • 36. Sandys North – Somerset Primary School

As far as precautions due to the pandemic, the official website said:

Inside the Polling Station(s)

  • Candidates, voters and staff must wear masks at all times
  • Physical distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained during any queuing and voters must wear a mask.
  • Voters will be required to have their temperatures checked and must use hand sanitizers provided before entering the polling station.
  • Erect signage throughout the polling station to remind voters to follow the physical distancing requirements, hand hygiene, and the need to wear masks.
  • A copy of this guidance document must be prominently displayed within the polling station.
  • Establish measures to manage traffic flow throughout the polling station, such as floor markings and barriers.
  • Physical distancing must also be maintained in the bike/bar parking lot.

The polling station staff must take all reasonable steps to ensure that all voters and candidates maintain appropriate physical distancing. This means maintaining a separation of at least 6 feet between persons.


  • Only one person will be allowed to use the restroom facilities at any given time.

Hand hygiene Sanitization / Cleaning

  • Sanitization: there will be accessible and visible sanitizing products for voters and staff, with hand sanitizers placed at each entrance.
  • Polling station managers will ensure that staff regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitizers provided.
  • All surfaces will be regularly sanitized.
  • Frequently Touched Areas such as booth counters, handrails, pens/pencils, door handles, keyboards and other reusable guest and staff contact items will be sanitized after use or as often as possible.

Staff and Voters Health and Wellbeing

  • No staff with symptoms should be allowed to work. They will be sent home and advised to contact their medical practitioner. If the temperature reading is above 37.5 degrees Celsius (99.5°F) employees will be told to seek medical advice, and will not work until medically cleared.

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    Do vision impaired persons with caregivers allowed to have them assist with filking out the ballot?