Central Bus Terminal Kiosk Closes Early

October 30, 2020

The Central Bus Terminal kiosk closed at 3.00pm today [Oct 30] for repairs.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Public Transportation [DPT] advises the public that the Central Bus Terminal kiosk will close at 3:00 pm today [Friday, October 30th] for repairs.

“The kiosk is expected to resume normal operations tomorrow [Saturday, October 31st].

“The DPT apologizes to the public for the late notice and for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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  1. Gary E Wilson says:

    Does it mean , that it was not possible , to sell bus tickets from a kiosk like they would at the Ag Show, or request similar space from nearby City Hall. Merchants cannot entertain giving away their float of two dollar bills and dollar coins because someone needs change for the bus. Could this work have been done after 6pm. This is about the third time the kiosk has closed in the past year, with scores of persons needing to make purchases of tickets , tokens or passes.