CP Sports Group Offers Advisory Service

October 28, 2020 | 0 Comments

CP Sports Group is offering a personalized advisory service, which aims to help student-athletes in selecting a boarding school or university, with their UK office “providing a direct connection between schools and prospective student-athletes.”

A spokesperson said, “Parents who may be struggling with making a decision on sending their children abroad to boarding school or university can now benefit from a personalized service to help them plan the transition.

“Arranging studies in the midst of a pandemic can be stressful. Although school fairs can be of some help, knowing that admissions staff are pressured to fill their spaces can cause uncertainty for parents about being sure that the school is the right fit for their child.

“CP Sports Group has launched their UK office, providing a direct connection between schools and prospective student-athletes. In addition to having a UK FA Registered Football Intermediary on the team, there are also two UK Certified Scouts.

“They personally meet and visit with admissions and athletic coaches to determine suitability for their clients. Parents should also be aware that each school that seeks to attract athletes may offer a different quality of education.

“Additionally, the intensity of sports programs varies across schools. For a student-athlete that is looking to progress, it is critical that they are in an environment that supports all areas of their development and has solid connections to the academies and clubs that they wish to transition to.

“It is important that parents understand this before they commit to paying tuition and realizing this too late.

“One student who has recently used the services of CP Sports Group is Tristan Robinson. Tristan, who has been a member of CP Athletic Development Academy, has been training and traveling with their futsal program for six years and has only played football for one and a half seasons.

“His parents confirm that through participation in the academy and subscribing to the philosophies wholeheartedly, he has been able to transition to boarding school in the UK seamlessly.

“Through CP Sports Group, he will receive priority guardianship and mentoring services as well as assistance in the event that any challenges or pandemic related disruptions arise. Their UK Football Intermediary and Scouts are able to assist him with his future plans as he continues to develop.

“In the meantime, he is receiving a solid education, which is a key objective of his parents.

“For more information about these services, parents can contact cpsportsgroup@gmail.com.”

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