Election Data: Looking At The Five Seat Changes

October 5, 2020

Following the 2020 General Election the PLP have increased their majority in the 36-seat House of Assembly from 25 to 30, having won five additional seats in the election which had all been previously held by the OBA, and the charts below delve into the data from the past elections in the areas.

The election saw the PLP hold all the 25 seats they had entering the election and win five more, the OBA held on to six of their seats, and the newly launched FDM party did not win any seats.

Four of the five seats that the PLP won from the OBA had only ever been won by the UBP or OBA since the single seat system first started in 2003.

The five PLP MPs who won the seats previously held by the OBA: Jason Wade, Crystal Caesar, Jache Adams, Anthony Richardson, Vance Campbell

PLP Bermuda October 2020 TWFB

The PLP ended up sweeping the west end of the island, as they already held all the Sandys and Warwick seats and picked up the two remaining Southampton seats, with Jason Wade defeating the incumbent Leah Scott to claim Constituency #30 Southampton East Central seat, while Crystal Caesar defeated the incumbent Ben Smith to pick up Constituency #31 Southampton West Central.

The PLP also picked up Constituency #19 Pembroke West with Jache Adams claiming the win, Anthony Richardson won Constituency #7 Hamilton South, and Vance Campbell won Constituency #9 Smith’s West. All three of these areas had seen the OBA incumbent step down [Sylvan Richards in C7, Trevor Moniz in C9 and Jeanne Atherden in C19] with new challengers running for the OBA.

Interactive map showing the 5 seats that changed parties:

While not a change of party, four others seats will have new MPs — and there will be three new MPs enter making 8 new MPs overall — due to inter party changes.

The PLP’s Curtis Dickinson will now represent Constituency #21 Pembroke South East as the old MP Rolfe Commissiong stepped down, while the PLP’s  Ianthia Simmons-Wade will enter the House as the MP for Mr Dickinson’s old seat, Constituency #25 Warwick North East

Constituency #23 Paget West will see a new MP with the OBA’s Jarion Richardson replacing the OBA’s Patricia Gordon Pamplin, while Constituency #36 Sandys North will also have a new MP, with the PLP’s Kathy Lynn Simmons replacing the PLP’s Michael Scott.

For anyone who may be interested, the charts below — which we extracted from our new website BermudaElection.com — offer an in-depth look at the results in the five General Elections in the five seats since the one seat system came into effect in 2003.

2020 Election Candidates - C07 Hamilton South PLP

2020 Election Candidates - C09 Smith's West PLP

2020 Election Candidates - C19 Pembroke West PLP

2020 Election Candidates - C30 Southampton East Central PLP

2020 Election Candidates - C31 Southampton West Central PLP

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Comments (8)

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  1. Mark says:

    What a terrible day for decency and morality and democracy. Thank you numpties of Bermuda for condemning us to several more years of ineptitude.

  2. sandgrownan says:

    We are exactly where we were a week ago. We have a Premier currently enjoying a COVID response bounce, and deservedly so, who enjoys a significant parliamentary majority, broad political support of the unions, the civil service and the churches (irritating, but it is the way it is, people need their imaginary friend I guess). We remain with a weak and ineffective opposition.

    We are close to $3bn in debt, no hope of a balanced budget, a shrinking population and tax base, a tourism industry on it’s knees and cabinet of “deer in the headlights” numpties who couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery.

    We are exactly where we were last Wednesday.

    And, despite the financial incompetence of 19 years of PLP rule, the PLP still seem able to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat.

    I said it to Vance Campbell on my doorstep. What’s the plan? What’s going to be different now? I’m sure he’s a nice guy with honourable intentions, but all I heard were crickets.

    • Answer says:

      You should run for the UBPoba to help them win more seats. lol

      Jetgate needs to vanish from the party but half of you are to weak or dumb to realize that. The other half that vote for you normally (the smart ones) didn’t even come out to vote OBA because of JETgate and their dissatisfaction with him there!!!!

      • sandgrownan says:

        Reading comprehension is clearly not your forte. I said we are where we were a week ago. We are no further forward and there is no plan, no idea.

        I’m not sure I disagree with you either – and to be clear I am not an OBA supporter or member. Shocker. But we, all of us, need a strong opposition to keep the idiots in check.

  3. Losing interest says:

    So my experience with C7 was that David Burt put his flyer in my mailbox a few times and had a picture of Anthony Richardson on the very last page. On Polling day I spoke with Cheryl Packwood and was impressed by her very much but could not get over Marc Bean (hint to you Cheryl you could do so much better). Robin Tucker represented the OBA and had made the effort of canvassing in person. Mr. Richardson surrounded himself with green shirts and made little effort to speak. So you can tell my vote didn’t go far and it is sad that many did not make an effort to come out and that we are losing our grip on politicians that truly want what is best for all Bermuda.

    • Vote for Me says:

      Your experience was not typical of my experience in C7. and the other majority that voted for him as our new MP.

      Mr. Richardson ran in 2017 and came within 21 votes of victory. Even though not the area representative, he held regular monthly clinics at Harrington sound School on Saturdays and remained engaged with the voters for the 3 years leading up to 2020.

      I was impressed with his professional background and related community involvement. He also established a new C7 hotline which was noted on his flyers as 538 8683 and provided dedicated transportation to get everyone to the polls.

      Perhaps you should contact him to make sure he has your correct phone number and email because his campaign team also sent out regular e-newsletters, zoom meeting notices and held live broadcasts at least 8 times before the election.

      Don’t be a hater… volunteer to be one of his community champions.

  4. Carpe Diem says:

    Blaming the voter is never a sound political strategy.

    • sandgrownan says:

      A conversation with a voter is the biggest argument against democracy.