Joy Behar ‘Fantasizing About Beach In Bermuda’

October 21, 2020

On a recent episode of American talk show ‘The View,’ host Joy Behar reflected on “getting used to” the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, saying that she’s “fantasizing about being on a beach in Bermuda.”

During the episode of the popular show, Ms. Behar said, “As far as getting used to the pandemic, I’m fantasizing right now about being on a beach in Bermuda and its flat sand, the water is beautiful, and I’m there; I want to be there right now.”

When one of her co-hosts says that she “doesn’t even the like the beach,” Ms. Behar responds by saying “I like the beach in Bermuda.”

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  1. David Rose says:

    BTA should offer her a complimentary trip.

    • You got money? says:

      That’s a nice suggestion when our people go hungry and unemployed. But you got lots of money right?

    • Noelle Richard says:

      So you want Bermudian taxpayers to pay for a ticket for a millionaire to come here on vacation?

    • Saltus bye says:

      Sorry but we used up all our spare cash on the Venetian party and building a recording studio for the people.

    • Question says:

      She can afford her own ticket.

  2. Patricia Hartman says:

    Bermuda is a beautiful island. Fortunate to have been there five times.

    • saud says:

      Bermuda is homophobic, xenophobic and racist…I guess that’s your jam :)