2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours List Announced

October 9, 2020

Jeremy Cox, Dr. Carika Weldon, Clarence “Tootsie” Bean  and Cathy Bassett have all been recognized in the annual Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Commander of the British Empire:

  • Mr. Jeremy Cox CBE – for services to the economy of Bermuda.

Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour:

  • Dr. Carika Weldon – for services to the COVID-19 pandemic response.
  • Mr. Clarence “Tootsie” Bean – for services to music.
  • Mrs. Cathy Bassett – for services to young people.

The information below is from the Government:


Commander of the British Empire:

Jeremy Cox Bermuda Oct 9 2020Mr. Jeremy Cox CBE – for services to the economy of Bermuda.

Jeremy Cox is  the Executive Chair of the Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA]. Under his guidance and leadership, the BMA has gained worldwide recognition, which has significantly contributed to Bermuda’s reputation as a top class regulator for financial services. This success has in turn been instrumental in driving the local economy and livelihood of many Bermudians.

Mr. Cox has led the BMA through several milestones during his tenure. Most notably, in 2016, he led Bermuda and the BMA through the process that ultimately culminated in the jurisdiction achieving full equivalence with Europe’s Solvency II Insurance Regulatory Regime. Thanks to Jeremy Cox’s thoughtful leadership at the BMA, Bermuda is viewed as a role model jurisdiction for others to follow.


Queen’s Certificate & Badge of Honour:

Dr. Carika Weldon Bermuda Oct 9 2020Dr. Carika Weldon, MRSB, FIBMS - [for services to the Covid19 Pandemic Response]. Dr. Weldon returned to Bermuda from the UK to devise a testing regime for Bermuda to increase testing capacity as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response. She has done so at a great sacrifice to her existing work in Oxford. She led the development of the Government’s Molecular Diagnostic Lab and has dramatically increased the island’s testing capacity, a critical element in successfully controlling the spread of COVID-19 on the island.


Clarence Bean Bermuda Oct 9 2020Mr. Clarence “Tootsie” Bean - [for services to music]. Throughout his long career, some 75 years, Mr Bean has tutored and inspired many budding musicians. He is known as one of the greatest and well-respected drummers to grace the stages of Bermuda and the wider world, performing with Lance Hayward, Johnny McAteer, The Calypso Trio, Jon Hammond, The Counts Band, Irene Reid, Ruth Brown, Lionel Hampton, Gregory Hines. He played for the 1993 US Presidential inaugural Concert held at the John F Kennedy Center, and has performed at the Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. He has been described as “a man blessed with effortless charm and a smile that could melt chocolate” ~ “he may not be the tallest man but in terms of talent his stature is king-sized.”


Cathy Bassett Bermuda Oct 9 2020Mrs. Cathy Bassett - [for services to young people]. The recipient of two Paul Harris Awards from Rotary, Mrs. Bassett is a veteran educator having served as a teacher and principal within the Bermuda public school system. She has been a Brownie Leader for over thirty years and a Rotarian for the past 15 years. Her volunteer service includes as a Pink Lady, coordinator for Keep Bermuda Beautiful and Chair of the Duck’s Puddle Youth Community Initiative.


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  1. Congrats says:

    Congrats on everything they have done but this legacy of colonialism continues to live in Bermuda even though this time it is just a few awards coming late. Why? Commander of the British Empire. Where is this non-existent Empire? Really. The Empire that practised slavery, rank racism and supported apartheid?

    • Vortex says:

      Oh bore off.

      Ask them if they are pleased. Even Eva Hodgson accepted it thank you very much.