Police Commissioner ‘Refers Matter To Lawyer’

October 21, 2020

Saying he was “made aware” of a post circulating on WhatsApp, Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley said he was “deeply upset” by some of the suggestions it contained “which are wholly untrue” and he referred the matter to his lawyer to “legally deal with any attempts to publish its content, which includes sharing it on social media.”

Commissioner Corbishley said, “I was made aware of a post personally relating to the office of Commissioner that is currently circulating on WhatsApp.

“On a professional front I am offended by its content. On a personal level I am deeply upset by some of the suggestions contained within, not least as they are wholly untrue.

“I have this evening referred this matter to my lawyer to legally deal with any attempts to publish its content, which includes sharing it on social media [i.e. publishing], or indeed any person identified as the author(s).

“I do not feel any necessity to defend any of the subjects contained within this ‘post’ as the true facts speak for themselves.

“However I am of the conclusion that this communication, given its style of language and content, has come from a small minority of officers within the BPS who are currently aggrieved to being rightly addressed for their standards of unprofessional behavior.

“Despite these comments I will continue our work in regards to standards of professional behavior without fear of favour and renewed vigour.”

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  1. ProudBermudian says:

    I have been so impressed by Commissioner Corbishley’s leadership and professionalism during his time with the BPS so far. He has struck the right note with his great handling of everything he’s dealt with and has done it with sentivitity and understanding of the Bermuda people. We are lucky to have him as police commissioner.

  2. puzzled says:

    Good man.
    I bet we all know where they come from.