Bermuda Keelboat Championships Final Results

November 23, 2020

The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Keelboat Nationals Championships came to an end on the Great Sound in blustery and rainy conditions.

Traditionally the Bermuda Keelboat Regatta sees visiting teams from North America taking part but this year all the teams are local.

Three more races were held on the final day in the Etchells, IOD and J105 Fleets.

Patrick Cooper from the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club won the IOD Fleet. He picked up three-second place finishes on the day to take a total to 15 points, Blythe Walker from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club finished in second with 20 points and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Craig Davis finished in third with 25 points.

With another three wins on the third day, Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s Peter Bromby and Lee White claimed the title in the J105 Fleet with 10 points. Keith Chiappa sailing out of the Spanish Point Boat Club finished in second with 21 points, and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s James Macdonald finished in third with 34 points.

The Etchells Fleet was won by Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s Timothy Patton who recorded finishes of 1st, 2nd, and 1st on the day for his 13 total points. John Hele/Leatrice Oatley from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club finished in second with 17 points and finishing in third was Royal Bermuda Yacht Club’s William Thompson with 19 points.

IOD Fleet Standings

  • 15 Patrick Cooper – Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
  • 20 Blythe Walker – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 25 Craig Davis – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 34 Hubert Watlington & Kevin Horsfield – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 50 John Nicholls & Gregory Summers – Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
  • 54 Jean-Lou Pengelly
  • 58 Chris De Silva

J105 Fleet Standings

  • 10 Peter Bromby & Lee White – Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
  • 21 Keith Chiappa – Spanish Point Boat Club
  • 34 James Macdonald – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 37 Mark Cloutier & Peter Komposch – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 39 Ed Faries – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club

Etchells Standings

  • 13 Timothy Patton – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 17 John Hele & Leatrice Oatley – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 19 William Thompson – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 23 Paul Wright – Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  • 30 Richard Neame – Spanish Point Boat Club
  • 34 David Leach – Spanish Point Boat Club

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