IAC: Compassionate Care Research Report

November 13, 2020

The Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families [IAC] has released the Compassionate Care Research Report.

A spokesperson said, “The Inter Agency Committee for Children and Families [IAC]’s has released a research report exploring how social sector service providers and helping institutions understand and value Compassionate Care, and the barriers, challenges and successes they face in delivering and sustaining care that is positive, nurturing and resilience- building.

“The purpose of the research was to create a local, evidenced-based Compassionate Care framework and the research findings will be presented for the first time at IAC’s Compassionate Care Conference on November 19th.

“Across Bermuda’s social sector, there has been a decade of focused attention on multigenerational trauma, and more recently Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACEs]. Yet trauma is still prevalent in our community, and young people are struggling with mental health, academic performance, and other challenges. IAC’s Compassionate Care vision is the extension of this work.

“The Compassionate Care framework aims to inspire and empower service providers and caring institutions to implement and sustain best practice standards of care that result in positive, nurturing, resilience-building relationships with children, youth and families.”

IAC Programme Coordinator Dr. Nicola Paugh stated, “it was critical that we were guided by the priority areas of need identified by our stakeholders and that we conducted local research to inform the framework for change. We are excited to share the results of the research and officially launch our vision at IAC’s November 19th conference.

“The virtual conference will also feature leading US expert in youth activism and youth development, Dr Shawn Ginwright as the keynote speaker; and will include stories of Bermuda’s youth and helping professionals. To register for the conference, please visit here.

“Tickets are $40 for IAC members and $45 for the general public. The full Compassionate Care Research Report can be downloaded from IAC’s website at www.iacbermuda.org.”

IAC Compassionate Care Research Report Bermuda November 2020

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