Covid-19: Five More Positive, 47 Currently Active

December 3, 2020 | 5 Comments

There have been five more positive Covid-19 results — two imported, two classified as local transmission with known contact and one under investigation — so Bermuda has now had a total of 272 confirmed positive cases to date, with 47 cases currently active.

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A Government spokesperson said, “There were 682 test results received by the Ministry of Health yesterday [2 December 2020], and five were positive for COVID-19.

“Two of the new cases are classified as imported with details as follows:

  • 2 residents, both asymptomatic, who arrived on DL 584 from Atlanta on 17 November 2020 and tested positive on their Day 14 test, having been under quarantine as close flight contacts with confirmed cases on the same flight

“Two of the new cases are classified as local transmission with known contact with details as follows:

  • 2 residents who were under quarantine as close contacts of known cases, both asymptomatic

“One of the new cases is classified as under investigation. This case is a symptomatic resident with no identified links to travel or other known cases or clusters

“Bermuda now has 272 total confirmed positive cases. Their status is as follows:

  • there are 47 active cases, of which
  • 46 are under public health monitoring, and
  • One is hospitalized. None are in critical care;
  • a total of 216 have recovered, and
  • the total deceased remains 9.

“The average age of all of our confirmed positive cases is 51 years and the age range of all of our positive cases is from 0 to 101 years.

“To protect privacy and confidentiality, the age of the hospitalized case will not be provided.

“The average age of all deceased cases is 74 years and the age range is 57 to 91 years.

“The source of all cases is as follows:

  • 126 are Imported
  • 116 are Local transmission, with known contact/source
  • 21 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source, and
  • 9 are under investigation

“It should be noted that as investigations proceed, transmission categories may change.

“The seven-day average of our real time reproduction number is greater than 1 [1.13] and Bermuda’s current country status is ‘Clusters of Cases’.

“The Ministry of Health would like to restate that if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 then please contact your doctor; do not self-diagnose.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Curious says:

    Are any of the recent cases bus riders? If so, can we find out the routes/times? And is there any discussion about increasing ventilation on the buses?

    • Your leader says:

      The ministry of health along with the ministry of transport are formulating a multi lateral think tank that will combine the talents of the ministry of Finance and trade unions along with other key stakeholders. With the combined and talented input of these entities and the bottomless pockets of government there will be a commission established to look into this. 30-6

  2. Warrior says:

    Time to take temps at bus terminal and checking for Covid bracelets. Heard about Covid bus passenger.

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