Personal Staffs Act Report Tabled In Parliament

December 4, 2020

The Premier, Ministers, Opposition Leader Personal Staffs Act 2019 annual report was tabled in the House of Assembly, providing information on the salaries paid.

A Government spokesperson said, “In 2019, the Government, in a measure to increase transparency, introduced changes to the Premier, Ministers, Opposition Leader Personal Staffs Act 2019 [Act] which requires a report to be filed in the House of Assembly on an annual basis.

“The Report details salaries paid to persons hired under the provisions of this particular Act, for the last Fiscal Year [1 April, 2019 to 31 March, 2020]. As per the Act, the Report should have been tabled prior to 31 May, 2020, however due to the significant workload with various Government departments during the Pandemic response, the tabling was delayed.

“Following salary reductions for public officers, employees at Government Quangos, Parliamentarians and Ministers, the Premier also directed reductions be applied to persons hired under this Act in solidarity with public officers.

Premier David Burt stated, “The women and men who enter public service under the provisions of this Act work exceptionally long hours and provide invaluable support to the Office of the Premier, Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition.

“The inclusion of this annual reporting provision is a new and unique feature added to the 2019 Act to promote greater openness and understanding of the work undertaken and value added to the workings of government.

“I thank all of those who have worked tirelessly during this reporting period, often during unsociable hours to ensure the leaders of the Government and Opposition can effectively serve the public.”

The Premier, Ministers, Opposition Leader Personal Staffs Act 2019 report follows below [PDF here]:

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