PwC Brand Featured At New Airport Terminal

December 1, 2020

As part of a five-year agreement, the PwC brand will “feature prominently across the interior and exterior of the six new covered passenger boarding bridges” at the new terminal at Bermuda’s LF Wade International Airport.

“The outside of the jet bridges features PwC’s logo. The inside of the six jet bridges displays PwC’s new ‘Hello, tomorrow’ global campaign, which invites curiosity and differentiates the PwC brand in the marketplace,” a spokesperson said.

PwC Bermuda Dec 1 2020 (1)

Arthur Wightman, PwC Bermuda territory leader, said, “As a world-class international gateway, the LF Wade International Airport is a compelling opportunity to reach our market locally and globally.

“As the leading professional services firm in Bermuda, that’s part of a network in 155 countries, we are excited to support the airport and the Bermuda international business sector. The new covered jet bridges will positively impact travellers in providing protection from the weather and ease of accessibility.”

PwC Bermuda Dec 1 2020 (2)

The company added, “The interior of the jet bridges features a campaign that supports the overall theme of the airport in representing a welcoming atmosphere with elements of Bermudian culture, including colourful images of the Bermuda kite, Whistling Frog, Gombey, architecture and marine life.

“The messaging of the ‘Hello, tomorrow’ campaign is rooted in engaging our clients and communities by projecting a conversational, inclusive, upbeat tone, and helping them to reconfigure their businesses to succeed in a world that will be dramatically different.

“The new terminal building is scheduled to open on December 9, 2020.”

Video of a ‘test run’ of a airplane docking at the new terminal:

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  1. Really? says:

    Well I guess this is only $ that airport will be making? Why not put stickers up all over the building from other businesses so we can at least pay some staff cists etc.?

  2. Cow Polly says:

    I wonder how much that cost? presumably that goes towards paying off the the cost of the airport?

  3. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    99% of the flying public will have no idea what pwc means or care!

  4. Grants says:

    No, this is not included in the regulated fees. This goes to skyport and does not have to be used to pay back lenders.

  5. Ringmaster says:

    The BA plane took up 2 jetway places. How many planes can be parked at any one time? It looks like 3 at the most.

  6. Raskarr says:

    That’s a Boeing 777, the largest plane that comes to Bermuda. Its wingspan is almost double that of a 737, which is what it will be 90% of the time.