Charts: In Depth Bermuda Covid-19 Statistics

January 14, 2021

The charts and graphs below offer a detailed in-depth look at Bermuda’s current and cumulative Covid-19 statistics, with the eight charts below — three of which are interactive — providing comprehensive information.

The top five charts are via the Government and provide information on the current condition of all confirmed cases to date, age of all cases and tests, transmission classifications, and daily reported cases, with the information valid as of January 13th, 2021.

The next three charts are compiled by Bernews and show a look at statistics spanning from March 2020 to current day, and they are interactive; for example, you can click the ‘recovered’ category [or any other category] to remove that line and can also hover your mouse [or finger if on a mobile device] to see the numbers for a given date and the last chart offers the ability to change the order the figures are shown.

For a full look at more interactive results and comprehensive information, including all Government data spanning back to March 2020, please visit our dedicated pandemic website at as we cannot add all the features from that website to main Bernews for technical reasons, however the dedicated Covid website does offer additional features.

Chart outlining tests by age group:

Tests By Age Group Bermuda Jan 13 2021

Chart outlining the cases by age group

Cases By Age Group Bermuda Jan 13 2021

Chart outlining the daily reported cases

Daily Number Of Reported Cases Bermuda Jan 13 2021

Chart outlining transmission classification

Cases By Transmission Classification Bermuda Jan 13 2021

Chart outlining the current status of confirmed cases

Current Status Of Confirmed Cases Bermuda Jan 13 2021

Bernews interactive chart of test results, click categories at bottom to add/remove

Bernews interactive chart of total tests, click categories at bottom to add/remove

Test results spanning back to March, scroll to view more; it is interactive, if you click on the categories [Date, Recovered etc] on the chart below you can change the order it shows.

covid-19 divider 1

As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    I find it most interesting that ‘This Government’ who is well known for bringing race into any issue used to report statistics with a racial breakdown suddenly stopped doing so .
    Why is that ? And conversely why is it then necessary on the form to register on line for the vaccinations one must list their race ?

    • Mephisto says:

      Race is an optional field on the vaccine form.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Is it really an option ? If it is why even include it ?

      • question says:

        It is certainly not labelled as optional. So, again, why do they ask? What possible reason is there?