City Businesses Advised To Secure Trash

January 25, 2021 | 0 Comments

The City of Hamilton advises “those City restaurants, businesses and residents that currently use the wheelie bins provided by the City, that wheelie bins must not remain on sidewalks outside of regularly scheduled refuse collection.”

A spokesperson said, “It is particularly important for businesses to adhere to this guidance during the coming days as extremely high winds are anticipated, with hurricane force winds forecast for Thursday. A full refuse collection schedule can be found here.

“Bins must be stored away from the sidewalks so as to not impede pedestrian traffic and the sweeping of the sidewalks. Storing the bins can also increase their longevity. Any damaged bins with gaping holes or broken lids must be replaced by the owners.

“The Wheelie Bin project, which has been in place for several years, enables businesses, retailers, and residents to apply to the City for a lidded bin[s] as a way to keep garbage contained.

“The bins not only keep garbage free from rodents and other vermin, but they also serve to make the collection of the garbage easier as they can be lifted by the refuse trucks and their contents deposited into the truck hopper thus minimizing any injury to the refuse collectors.

“The City urges all those businesses that have not yet signed up for a wheelie bin to complete the application form here to receive their first bin, free of charge.”

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