NMB Launches “Tracing Our Roots/Routes”

January 21, 2021

The National Museum of Bermuda [NMB] is launching a new education programme: “Tracing Our Roots/Routes”, a “series of online presentations, workshops, resources and an on-site contemporary art exhibit to support and encourage family history research and connecting to the past.”

A spokesperson said, “During the global pandemic, interest in genealogy research accelerated. While sheltering in place, people looked for new ways to connect with their family and their past. NMB’s genealogy database, available to members and students, was used more than ever in the past year.”

When asked about the programme, NMB Director of Learning & Engagement Lisa Howie said: “Tracing Our Roots/Routes responds to the popularity of personal genealogy research and our community’s growing interest in learning about Bermuda’s history. Our expert panelists will provide you with the tools and strategies to research and document your personal story.”

The spokesperson added, “This year-long programme culminates in Bermuda’s Family Scrapbook, a national, crowd-sourced project which will be displayed on-line and on the walls of the Museum. NMB Executive Director Elena Strong said: “using the tools acquired in this programme, we invite you to share your family story and photographs to Bermuda’s Family Scrapbook. See yourself in the National Museum of Bermuda!”

“Together with experts from the Bermuda Archives, Bermuda National Library and the Smithsonian Institute, NMB will help participants:

  • build a toolkit to enable effective, sensitive research methods for both finding and charting family history information
  • listen to others’ stories in order to best direct your own path of discovery
  • develop creative strategies for communicating your findings and your story

“The programme kicks off with a webinar on Wednesday, February 17 at 5:30pm AT. Kenyatta Berry, an American genealogist, author, attorney and television host, will present on strategies to interview living relatives, use genealogy methodology, and access US and immigration records for those who left Bermuda for the United States. Attendees will receive an interactive ‘Family Discovery Toolkit’. To register: here.

“Berry’s vast knowledge in the areas of African American Genealogy, Enslaved Ancestral Research and DNA has made her an invaluable ‘go to’ source for information from all parts of the world. As demand grows for people to learn more about their lineage and DNA, Kenyatta continues to innovate, transforming the world of genealogy by making it more accessible to all.

“For more information and registration links, visit here.

“Early registration for events is available to NMB members [email info@nmb.bm to become a member or check your membership status].

“Student and teacher resources will be available [email education@nmb.bm for more information].

Schedule of Events for 2021

  • Wednesday, February 17 [5:30 – 6:30 pm]
  • Webinar: The Journey of Family Discovery I: Tips, Tools & Strategies
  • Presenter: Kenyatta Berry, Genealogy Expert
  • Begin your journey with resources from a leading international expert. Attendees will receive an interactive Family Discovery Toolkit.

Registration open: here

  • Wednesday, March 17 [5:30 – 6:30 pm]
  • Webinar: The Journey of Family Discovery II: Understanding Local Resources
  • Panelists: Jane Downing [National Museum of Bermuda], Ellen Hollis [Bermuda National Library], Mandellas Lightbourne [Bermuda Archives]
  • Learn about the available resources from local experts to help you to discover your family’s history.
  • Wednesday, April 14 [5:30 – 6:30 pm]
  • Webinar: Personal Journeys and Personal Objects: The Development of NMAAHC’s Collection
  • Panelists: Hollis Gentry [Smithsonian Library], Joanne Hyppolite [National Museum of African American History and Culture], Kamilah Stinnett & Doretha Williams [Smithsonian Family History Centre]
  • Explore how curators, museum specialists, and genealogists at The Smithsonian use multiple strategies to research collections for exhibitions and community archives.
  • Wednesday, May 19 [5:30 – 6:30 pm]
  • Contemporary Art Exhibition: ARTIFFACTS by Gherdai Hassell, Bermudian artist
  • Location: Commissioner’s House, National Museum of Bermuda
  • Hassell’s new body of work draws on the theme of genealogy and incorporates archival photographs. Expect provocative collages and a large-scale interactive installation.
  • Wednesday, June 16 [5:30 – 6:30 pm]
  • Webinar: Crafting A Personal Story
  • Presenter: Dr. Janet Ferguson, NMB Trustee & education specialist
  • Focus on an object of importance to you or your family and learn how to create a memorable piece of writing that will preserve your history.
  • Wednesday, June 23
  • Project Launch: Bermuda’s Family Scrapbook: a national crowdsourcing project
  • We invite you to share your family story and photographs. Help us connect with the past and each other. This project will be displayed on-line and on the walls of the Museum.

The full Tracing Our Roots/Routes Schedule of Events follow below [PDF here]:

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