Govt Services Impacted by New Restrictions

March 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Cabinet Office provided an update on the government services impacted by the new restrictions put in place due to the current coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesperson stated, “Government employees have been asked to work from home, if possible. This mandate impacts the level of service of some customer facing departments. The following is an overview of the departments that are impacted and how services are being modified to accommodate the new restrictions that came into effect on 28 March, 2021.”

Ministry of Health

Call centre:

Operating hours have changed to 9am – 8pm.

For more information:

- Phone number: 444-2498

- Email:

Ministry of Health Headquarters

There is limited walk-in service.

For more information:

- Phone number: 278-4900

- Email:

Health Insurance Department

The office is closed to the public, there will be no in-person services and there may be delayed response times. Payments can be made online or by phone. Cash payments cannot be accepted at this time.

For more information:

- Phone number: 295-9210

- Email:

Nurse Case Management

There may be an extended response time for assessments.

Child Health (Hamilton Health Center, 67 Victoria Street, Hamilton)

Health visitor service and child health reception services are limited. This will result in limited home visits for child health clients, however telephone consultations will continue. The turnaround times for routine requests have increased, for example requests for standard immunization records, may be delayed.

For more information:

- Phone number: 278-6460

- Email:

Public Transportation

There is full transportation service with limited capacity on buses and ferries.

- Buses website: Bus Alerts | Government of Bermuda (

- Ferries website: Ferry Service (

Bermuda National Libraries:

Curbside, online and telephone services are available.

For more information:

- Phone number: 295-2905 or WhatsApp: 333-8618

- Email: Main Library –

- Email: Youth Library –

- Website:

Bermuda Archives:

Service is available by appointment only.

For more information:

- Phone number: 295-5151 ext. 1737 or 297-7737

- Email:

Bermuda Housing Corporation located at Seven Arches Building

Support services for annual inspections of Bermuda Housing Corporations’ properties will be impacted. Remote meetings with clients will be conducted.

For more information:

- Phone number: 295-8623

- Email:

- Website:

The spokesperson concluded, “This list will be updated as needed. The Cabinet Office will not share information about any department that may or may not be in quarantine nor provide information about any public officer who may or may not be confirmed positive for the coronavirus.”

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