9 Page Document: Regulations For Rule Changes

April 19, 2021 | 24 Comments

[Updating] The Government has just posted the official regulations — the Public Health [Covid-19 Emergency Powers] [Stay at Home] Amendment Regulations 2021 – which provide more details on the policies set to take effect at 5am on Tuesday, April 20th.

The 9-page document amends the original Stay at Home regulations that took effect last week and some extracts are below, and for full clarity please read the full document.

Update 8.39pm: The Government held a Q&A this evening about the regulations, you can watch below and we are listening and will try and come back and update with any key information we may hear in the video.

Update 9.02pm: Here are a few points from the video, we only posted ‘new’ things, as in items not specifically mentioned in the regulations.

  • Minister Wilson: Schools will remain closed, except for teachers that need to enter the facility to facilitate remote learning.
  • Minister Wilson: We have vaccinated over 5,000 people this week
  • Minister Ming: “Mixing of households remains prohibited and the BPS will be strictly enforcing this regulation.”
  • Minister Ming: “Tynes Bay drop off facility will re-open for its normal operating hours, residents should adhere to the alphabetical system.”
  • Minister Ming: “Grocery stores will continue to operate on the alphabetical system.”
  • Minister Wilson: Cycling is now permitted
  • Minister Wilson: You can now exercise for more than 1 hour and go further than 1km from your house.

Parks/Beaches/Trail Open

A person may access beaches, parks (including the Railway Trail) and playgrounds alone or with members of his household only.

No mixing of households 

A person shall not assemble in a group that includes persons who are not members of the same household, or host such a group, in any public or private place, unless doing so cannot reasonably be avoided in the course of an activity permitted by or under these Regulations.”

As far as co-parenting the document states

Minor children of parents who do not live together may spend nights at the home of either parent to give effect to an agreement between the parents.”;

On retail stores:

“The owner or operator of a retail store (other than a permitted business) shall ensure compliance with the following conditions—

  • opening hours between 7am to 7pm only;
  • customers shall not be permitted to enter the premises;
  • collection of goods only.

A retail store or online vendor may make deliveries to customers, subject to Schedule 4.
For the avoidance of doubt, “retail store” includes a pet shop


The owner or operator of a restaurant shall ensure compliance with the following conditions—

  • opening hours between 7am to 7pm only;
  • collection of orders only;
  • only one customer at a time shall be permitted to enter the
  • premises to collect or pay for an order;
  • dine-in services prohibited.

A restaurant may make deliveries to customers, subject to Schedule 4.

Fishermen and farmers

A licensed fisherman may sell fresh local fish roadside, Monday to Saturday only and between the hours of 7am to 7pm only, subject to the supervision of the Minister of Home Affairs.

A registered commercial farmer may sell fresh local produce roadside, Monday to Saturday only and between the hours of 7am to 7pm only, subject to the supervision of the Minister of Home Affairs.

A licensed fisherman or registered commercial farmer may make deliveries to customers, subject to Schedule 4.

Construction and landscaping

  1. Persons engaged in construction, maintenance and related services, in accordance with relevant guidance, where the site is—
    1. outdoors; or
    2. indoors, if the premises are uninhabited.
  2. Persons engaged in landscaping.


The owner or operator of a laundromat shall ensure compliance with the following conditions—

  1. only customers who are members of one same household to be allowed in the laundromat at any one time, by appointment only;
  2. a wash and fold service may be provided, so long as customers are not permitted to enter the premises during the drop-off or collection of their laundry.

Recreational boating

  1. Only persons who are members of the same household may use a boat for any recreational purposes.
  2. No person shall use a boat for recreational purposes after 7pm.
  3. No person shall tie his boat to another boat [raft-up] for recreational purposes.”.

Update | As far as regulations that take effect at 5am tomorrow, here is a summary, combining some of things mentioned in the press conference and the regulations. It is *not* a complete list, as there are many regulations, so it is best to read the full regulations and/or extracts above.

April 19 10pm Covid Bermuda square text

The full Stay at Home amendment regulations follow below [PDF here]:

covid-19 divider 1

As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Question says:

    The documents put out by the government are extremely unclear.
    It’s a good job Bernews is willing to interpret it all! Thanks Bernews!

  2. Dunn juice says:

    Ok the construction,, indoors if the premises are inhibited. But wouldn’t that be going against the grain of not mixing families that don’t live together.
    I’m mean your going to have a bunch of different people working together..

    • Patrice Bean says:

      It clearly said ‘uninhibited’

      • dunn juice says:

        so your saying its ok for people that dont share the same house hold to work on the same interior job site that is uninhibited?? But hey dont want families to visit families for the sake of mixing..
        maybe its me.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    How very telling there is no date when these regulations cease to be effective. Is that legal?

  4. Ringmaster says:

    Good news for boaters. 4 of the regulations state you can’t mix households unless “it can’t reasonably be avoided”. How can you not reasonably avoid mixing on a boat when the space is so limited? Try enforcing that one.

  5. OMG! says:

    Watching the Facebook/CITV press conference. It is pathetic! The Health Minister did not know you could exercise for more than an hour. She didn’t know you can ride a bike now! She didn’t know the rules and then had to change her mind after she was questioned many times abs she searched the act. Maybe we could prepare and read before the news conference. She is a lawyer!!!! Scary! The worst ever, no wonder people are doing whatever they feel like!!!

    • Question says:

      Yes. These are the people restricting our lives, but they obviously haven’t thought about it. They don’t even know the rules they expect us to follow.

  6. Gwyn says:

    Just listening to Kim wilson and Renee ming explaining the ” rules”….. They are completely unprepared and are an embarrassment.

  7. Painful says:

    Why is Mrs Ming there..

  8. Typical says:

    You know government doesn’t have the act together when Bernews has to reference law amendments to make sense of the regulations.

    Why even hold a press conference if your Ministers contradict each other? Should we give you more time so you can get your stories straight?

    • Question says:

      They can’t get their story straight, yet we’re supposed to understand the rules clearly and we get fined if not.

  9. Roberta Cruz says:

    You must comply! Resistance is futile, humans. LOL.

  10. That guy says:

    Just sad people are dieing and getting sick. Selfish human beings. Government fault?? You do realize no matter who’s in office the outcome is the same. Dealing with something that is new. If you can do better run for office. The sad part is you need to be told what to do like a child. You adults really can’t figure this out on your own. Bunch of grow kids pitching a tantrum, because you can’t get your way. GROW UP!!!!!!

    • Young n dumb I guess says:

      Well you sound clever. We are INDIVIDUALS and have a right to live the way we want to regardless of what’s going on around us. Some people can’t cope so those who can….Good for you. Man didn’t choose to be put on earth. But man has a choice to choose to do what is good for them. If u choose to not exercise your choice then good for you too. I think it’s more selfish to be locked in while a virus that’s isn’t never going anywhere plagues the world. What u want us shelter in place for the next 20years.

    • Expected says:

      Sounds like you have a job and not loosing paychecks. So your the one who is selfish. Because your not affected like the rest of us. Know wonder you support oppressive and impoverished agenda’s. Because you still benefit

    • Billy Jean says:

      No this pandemic nor outbreak is not the Governments fault. Man have no power over nature. However when you are elected into a position of power and are making “big bucks” you are held to a higher standard and should sound far more articulate and knowledgable when on a Q and A press conference. Covid is an invisable enemy. Everyone is experiencing angst. The press conference was painful to watch far to many contradictions. Lets all just have common sense. Stay safe Bermuda.

    • Question says:

      Burt was claiming full credit for “how this government has managed the pandemic” three months ago. Back then, it was all due to him. Now it’s all blamed on “selfish sick people”.

  11. wing nut says:

    Go stand in the corner in the round room.

  12. Vivian Pereira says:

    What about Post Offices, cannot receive mail in post box.

  13. meh says:

    The government needs to publish the current regulations not the amendment document – this is like reading a redline version of a document.

  14. Double Standards says:

    So pool cleaners who work on their own can work but a trucker who works on their own can’t. I can plainly see who they are catering too with the pool cleaning. People open your eyes! SMH!

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