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April 11, 2021 | 38 Comments

[Updating] With active cases surging to 877 and a record high 36 people in hospital, the Government has announced ‘Stay at Home’ order will take effect from 5am on Tuesday, April 13 for a period of 7 days.

Update | Some Key Points:

  • Stay at home order from 5am on Tuesday, April 13 for 7 days
  • Most businesses — outside of essential ones like grocery stores, pharmacies & gas stations — will be closed.
  • Grocery shopping will return to alphabetized days by surname
  • Limited banking services will also be allowed.
  • Household mixing is prohibited and will be specified like that inside of law
  • 118 new positive cases, now 877 active cases
  • 36 people are in hospital with 6 in ICU.

Update: Speaking on the ‘Stay At Home’ order the Premier said ,”Bermuda will be under a stay at home order from 5.00am on Tuesday, April 13 for seven days. This means that persons are not to leave their homes for anything other than essential movement or grocery shopping.

“Grocery shopping will return to alphabetized days of shopping by surname. Shopping for essentials at a pharmacy, also attending the gas station, attending a vaccination or testing appointment, or attending a medical appointment at a register healthcare professional’s office. Additionally, there will be limited banking services that will be able to be provided.

“These permitted businesses will operate from 11.00am to 7.00pm during the seven day period of the stay at home order. These are the only businesses that will be able to remain open. All other businesses which cannot operate remotely must close.

“Grocery stores remain open and the supply chain for goods isn’t interrupted. This means there is no need for people to rush the shops to panic buy – buy what you would need normally, and continue to be considerate of others. There is enough for everyone.

“Again, working from home is mandatory. And if you cannot work from home, you must remain at home. Household mixing is prohibited and will be specified like that inside of law. If you choose to mix households or visit another household, you will be violating the law that will come into place at 5:00am.”

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the replay is below. Update | As a note, the ticker on the bottom is done by Bernews, however it simply repeats statements made by the Govt, and we do have screenshots of all the statements we cited from the Govt

Update: Premier David Burt’s full statement follows below:

I sadly begin tonight by again offering my deepest condolences to the families of the two individuals who have lost their lives to the coronavirus this weekend. Each person lost is a cruel reminder of the severity of this virus.

We have now lost 16 people and while we report them as numbers here, to their families they are not just numbers, but people who leave behind loved ones and friends.

Before I invite the Minister of Health to provide an update on the latest COVID-19 results, I think it is important to properly frame why we are where we are as a country.

This current outbreak started because of reckless conduct which introduced the variant and its spread into the community.

That spread has increased and continue because of the mixing of households contrary to the public health advice.

We are now seeing cases beyond the initial events that arise from Good Friday events which again mixed households, despite strong Government advice not to do so.

The number of people in hospital, the number people in the ICU and the number of people testing positive for this virus mean that we must take stronger action to stop the spread and save people’s lives. We must and we will act now.

As I indicated, I am joined tonight by the Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson who will provide us with an update on the latest COVID-19 test results.

The Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ayo Oyinloye is also present to answer any medical or technical questions from the media. We are also joined by Dr. Wesley Miller, the Hospital’s Chief of Staff.

Earlier today, the Cabinet met to discuss our current circumstances and the Ministry of Health’s recommendations for further actions to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The recommendations are founded in a need to stop the spread; to permit the vital work of contact tracing to accelerate, to isolate positive cases and allow our healthcare teams to focus on increasing testing and vaccinations.

Accordingly, the Cabinet has agreed the following:

  • [i] Bermuda will be under a Stay at Home Order from 5am on Tuesday, April 13th for 7 days. This means persons are not to leave their homes for anything other than essential movement or grocery shopping.
  • [ii] Grocery shopping will return to alphabetized days of shopping by surname.
  • [iii] Shopping for essentials at a pharmacy.
  • [iv] Attending a gas station.
  • [v] Attending your vaccination or testing appointment[s].
  • [vi] Attending a medical appointment at a registered healthcare professional’s office.
  • [vii] Additionally, there will be limited banking services that will be able to be provided.

These Permitted Businesses will operate from 11am-7pm during the seven day period of the Stay at Home Order. These are the only businesses that will be able to remain open. All other businesses which cannot operate remotely, must close.

Groceries stores will remain open, and the supply chain for goods is uninterrupted. This means there is no need for people to rush to the shops to panic buy. Buy what you would need normally, and continue to be considerate of others. There is enough for everyone.

Again, working from home is mandatory and if you cannot work from home you must remain at home.

Household mixing is prohibited and will be specified like that inside of law. If you choose to mix households or visit another household, you will be violating the law that will come into place at 5am on Tuesday. And as could be seen, you could be endangering your health and the health of your loved ones.

The Cabinet will continue to deliberate. On Tuesday when our next press conference is held we will lay out further details regarding the Stay at Home Order and what our next steps are including changes to the restrictions at the country’s borders.

It is clear that the rate of spread is far more advanced than we believed, and the regulations put in place have not been enough to slow it down.

We must act now as continued and unabated household mixing is leading to increased transmission and persons are becoming ill due to the severity of this variant. With these enhanced measures our goal is to slow the spread, ramp up testing, and continued expansion of our vaccination programme.

Vaccinations are essential to getting our island back to how we all wish for it to be. Expanding our vaccination programme will be done with the specific intention of reaching herd immunity by the end of May. Vaccinations work. They prevent severe illness and therefore prevent hospitalisations.

As I close, this outbreak is far reaching and has affected many. You are used to seeing me at these press conferences from the Cabinet Office, but there is a reason I am joining remotely today and that is because I recently tested positive for coronavirus infection. It was a very low-level positive due to the fact that my immune system can recognise the virus due to the vaccine and I have had no symptoms whatsoever. It was my fifth test in three weeks, and on Good Friday my entire family tested negative, so it was quite a shock, especially as we’ve been extra cautious but it was a shock experienced by many in Bermuda.

Thankfully they have all tested negative again and they are quarantined, while I am isolating from them, as required by law. I am fine, and thankfully because I am immunized I have no fear and I’ve experienced no symptoms. But it is a reminder to all of us that we cannot be too careful, and that we should avail ourselves of the testing that is available, and make sure that we protect ourselves with the vaccine that is available.

This virus is not a hoax. It is real. It has impacted the world. It has impacted our island. It has impacted families. It has impacted our national psyche. However, there is one thing it has not impacted and that is this Government’s determination to see this country through.

Unlike other countries in the world, Bermuda has enough vaccine doses to get this country to herd immunity. We will use this time to accelerate our vaccination programme, to ensure that we salvage our peak tourism season and have a regular summer.

Just like we set a goal to administer 38,000 vaccine doses by the end of March, and met that goal. I have no doubt we will meet the goal of herd immunity by the end of May. However, we must be vigilant, we must follow the rules and we must recognise that our actions today will be the cause of our future tomorrow.

We must all stay at home and protect ourselves, our families and to protect our country. To ensure our hospital is able to service all those who need help, and our brave healthcare workers on the frontline can get some relief.

Over the coming days we will be in our separate homes. Despite this physical disconnection, we must come together with a collective mindset to do what it takes to end this outbreak in this country. I know it will not be easy, and I know that many are frustrated, worried, and ultimately tired of this persistent battle.

This does not mean that we have to agree on everything, but it does mean that we must work together to achieve our common goal of stopping the spread of the coronavirus and ensuring that we protect our entire healthcare system.

As I indicated, we will be giving another press conference on Tuesday, when we will lay out the next steps which will take place after the initial seven day Stay At Home Order. The most important thing for all of us to remember is, do not mix households, be very careful, be very vigilant, and follow Public Health advice.

Give you contact tracers information, make sure you quarantine if you are asked to do so, isolate if you are required to do so, and make sure you do what is necessary to help this country get back to where it needs to be.

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. imjustsaying says:

    Lockdowns dont work. People don’t stop transmitting viruses among each other even in lockdowns and more opportunities for mutation are created, including among the most vulnerable people that allow for the greatest level of viral replication. It creates ever greater opportunities for mutation.

    • Unbelievable says:

      @imjustsaying – you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Rick O'Shea says:

      Correct, because Bermudians have shown again and again that they can’t follow simple instructions.

  2. Truth is killin’ me... says:

    Tonight at 7pm there will be everything BUT a lockdown implemented!!

  3. Fisherman says:

    Gatherings continue to go on. Curfew should be 9pm til 5am.

  4. Gary says:

    Just get vaccinated, its really simple.
    And if you don’t accept you are dangerous and should not mingle.
    Or get on planes, go to bars, church, etc, etc. Your call.

  5. Sam says:

    Just get vaccinated. If you don’t you are a selfish person, and a danger to me.

    • Wow says:

      “A danger to you”? If u are vaccinated why should u worry?? Don’t u trust your experimental injections?

      • Sam says:

        Do your research pal. No vaccine is 100%, and this one greatly lessens the chances of catching, passing on or feeling sick.

        But it doesn’t eradicate it. So yes pal, you still have to act responsibly, and someone like you who is selfish and hasn’t listened is someone I do not want to be around.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Did not the Premier test positive? Even vaccinated people are a danger to you. Fill me in again on why I should get vaccinated?

      LOL If you can still get it you can pass it on.

  6. Concerned Resident says:

    I think what needs to happen is immediate fines for All persons who violate the restrictions….immediate , no court appearances etc…The best way to ensure compliance is to hit people where it hurts their pockets..and not any $100 or $200 fine but $2000 and $3000 .Thats what Cayman did and they are now virtually COVID free..

    • Sigh says:

      The slightest sign of difficulty and people beg to throw out human rights and the rule of law. What is wrong with you

  7. Curious says:

    Why would the premier go for 5 tests without any symptoms????

    • Fers says:

      Yeah why would he we even get tested if he got the vaccine. Why is he still wearing a mask? Why dud he get China virus….these are questions that need to be asked by reporters. It is a lie and they are trying to control lives. Look at St Vincent they are refusing to save unvaccinated…WOW is this what our world has come to

  8. Question says:

    Burt criticised the police for heavy-handed enforcement of his covid laws. Then he changed his covid laws to make sure they weren’t creating criminal offences.
    And now, of course, he blames the police and the governor that there aren’t more covid lawbreakers in prison. Burt made covid laws summary offences,

    Blaming everyone else for his poor leadership.

    Why are healthy, vaccinated people being locked up under house arrest? We took vaccines to avoid this. And don’t tell me it’s to “protect” anti-vaxxers. They are part of the reason we’re in this mess.

    • Ringmaster says:

      My family all got vaccinated to protect ourselves and help stop the spread. Now it seems the Government ran a scam as we still get locked up. Total incompetence from the Premier down.

      • Payattention says:

        The situation we are in now is more likely due to uninformed people like you thinking you can’t get and spread the virus because you have been vaccinated than the incompentence of the Premier. GET THE FACTS!

    • Blackmagic says:

      Seems as though your just pointing fingers. Burt has been a good throughout this hole Pendmic. It’s not his leadership that has gotten us this break a whole year after this Pendmics first started. People get tried and start thinking everything is fine. If Burts leadership was that bad he wouldn’t have been voted back in and we would have alot more people dead. People have the right to be frustrated. But your pointing your fingres in the wrong direction. I understand you may not like the PLP. But the we would have been worse off with the OBA.

      • Question says:

        He took full credit for how “this government has handled the pandemic” when things were going ok. Why wouldn’t he take the blame for the mess we’re in now? He just blames everyone else. The Bermudian Public did it. The British Variant did it. The police and the governor did it.
        Burt is pretending we don’t know about 30-6. This is ALL his.
        Two weeks ago he told us the measures were in place because “we know they will work”. It turns out he didn’t “know” anything. He was randomly trying stuff hoping it would work, which it didn’t.

        And now healthy, vaccinated people are under house arrest to protect the anti-vaxxers.

  9. Questions says:

    Garbage collection?

  10. Terminal Frost says:

    The difference between humans and animals,

    Animals would never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them..

  11. Concerned resident says:

    Lockdown is not going to stop the spread of covid. Neither is the vaccine! The only way to stop it is complying to protocols which will also never happen since this island like the rest of the world is full of dumb people and the rest are just trying to deal with it in the wrong way. As hemans we are and always be our worst enemy. We need to stop all this nonsense and really begin to start understanding the real deal to this pandemic.

  12. Question says:

    How did Burt get to find out his viral load? Is everyone getting that information if they test positive, or is that a special privilege reserved only for ‘important’ people?

  13. Toxic to dumbness says:

    So concerned resident, tell us all what the “real deal to this pandemic is” the donkey with all the answers
    You need to start at grammer school first. Lets start with the dumbest person being you, jackasster!! Sounds like you couldnt think your way out of a wet paper bag. People like you are the real problem not the solution.

  14. Dunn juice says:

    So he has corona light..half not not full hot

  15. angry says:

    This is not fair. I lose all my freedom to protect 35% of the over 65′s that are too ignorant to get the vaccination (and they are 99% of the folks that end up in the hospital). I’m sorry Mr.Premier but No. I’m a good law abiding citizen but over this last year I have had zero income. I have put everything into ensuring the survival of my business. This is making me sick. I’m not interested in socialising. I just want to go to work and work alone by myself and try to make it through this. I’m sorry, I will not stay home and let my livelihood suffer anymore. All you government folks are still getting paid top dollar even when you’re home. Could any of you survive a year to two with zero income? I have a family at home, a business rent, a home rent, belco, phone, gas, etc, etc. I’m done. I have had enough. I suggest you round up the old and vulnerable and vaccinate them. I’m not protecting them anymore. I have not had health insurance for a year now. I cant afford it. Put yourself in the peoples shoes. Tourism and hospitality folks are getting crushed.

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      I feel you. I haven’t made a full weeks pay since this plandemic started. I have no health insurance either. These people shutting down our economy haven’t missed a paycheck since they got the idea they can stop death and it’s been happening for thousands of years.

    • Warrior says:

      No this, no that..I feel for small businesses, I truly do. Have a friend who lost their job, got another and that one closed. Seniors are goung thru stuff too. Relying on pension cheque to pay rent, belco, telco, groceries, doctors, medication, HIP or otger insurance, land tax if they have no one to fill pout the exemptiin forms, tithes and whatever else comes their way. They have tenants who perhaps are jobless and aren,t paying full rent or no rent. Ask these pensioners how they are or have been dealing with covid or life in general. Struggling, they would answer and by the way, when was the last time pensioners got a decent chunk of increase in their cheques. An increase for them would make life easier and brighter. Many of our pensioners are paying for rest homes like $4 tp 5,000 per month.. STRUGGLUNG!!!

  16. Fers says:

    I thought when you get the vaccine you are safe. Proven once again that this is a lie like everything else that is going on. Lockdowns don’t work..look at Florida. Another way to CONTROL you. Watch FoxNEWS AND INFOWARS folks.

  17. Common sense says:

    How can they not expect panic buying today when they haven’t released who can shop what days!

  18. pink buoy says:

    Can anyone recall from last year if you could collect online grocery orders from the store on any day, or was it still your last name day, even if you weren’t entering the store? I didn’t participate and also not assuming it will be the same, but would be helpful as a reference.

  19. jovita says:

    I am working as NA in a nursing home,a friend of mine will give me a ride to go to work on this 7 days shelter in place..can she go out with me as shes not essential worker..

  20. ROGER LAMBERT says:

    Lockdown YES. We can see how peoples minds come out of it to deal with the variants, which are said to be much more contagious.
    Maybe the hardware stores will be able to open sooner with the alphabet restrictions too.

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