Vaccination Status Data Of Hospitalised Patients

May 9, 2021 | 40 Comments

The Bermuda Hospitals Board has provided a helpful overview of the vaccination status of hospitalised patients during the recent surge, noting that of the 92 people who were admitted to hospital since the latest surge started,  88% were not vaccinated at all.

A spokesperson said, “BHB today shared data from 14 March to 1 May 2021 that has highlighted the protection vaccination against Covid-19 brings, even as people go through the immunisation process.  The start date [14 March] was the day the first hospitalisation of the current surge occurred, after a period of some time with zero Covid-19 patients.”

Dr Wesley Miller, Chief of Staff, comments: “Of the 92 people who were admitted to hospital since the latest surge started, the most at risk group were people who were not vaccinated at all. They made up 88% of admissions [81 people]. People who had one dose were in a minority of 11% [10 people]. One person [1%] had two doses, but it was within two weeks of the shot meaning full immunity had not been achieved.

HospVaccGraph Bermuda May 9 2021

“With a significant portion of the population now either fully vaccinated or having had one shot, that these people make up such a small proportion of hospitalisations, indicates that there is a protective effect even before you reach full immunity, which is two weeks after your second shot.

“If vaccination didn’t work, or caused more illness the numbers would be very, very different.  In fact, if we hadn’t had people vaccinated during this surge, hospitalisation numbers and deaths could have been higher.”

“It is also likely that as people who end up in hospital are usually at least two weeks post-infection, they may have been infected very soon before or after their first shot, when immunity is low.

“We should be reassured that we are seeing the same kinds of results in Bermuda as the rest of the world – vaccination is safe and protects you from serious illness and hospitalisation.  The vaccine teaches your own immune system to recognise and fight the virus if you are exposed to someone with Covid-19. If you are not fully immunised and fall ill, the next line of defence will be medications and, if serious enough, other interventions to help you breath.

HospVaccPeople Bermuda May 9 2021

“Covid-19 will continue to impact our lives unless we as a community stand together. Our own immune system is the most powerful protection we have – we need to nurture it with healthy living so it is strong, and teach it to recognise the virus with vaccination so it can respond quickly.

“If the first time your immune system sees the virus is when you are exposed, then it takes two weeks to build antibodies and that is a long time for Covid-19 to do damage and this can lead to more serious illness. The small fragments of the spike protein in the vaccine are enough for your body to be ready, and they break down and leave your body without any other damage.”

“Restrictions have saved us again this time, but they are not a long term solution. Getting vaccinated is preventative. There have been no hospitalisations caused by vaccination, despite nearly 60,000 doses being delivered. We had nearly 2,000 new Covid-19 cases in the latest surge, but in the period under review [14 March – 1 May], Covid-19  infections resulted in 92 hospitalisations and very sadly, 19 deaths.”

Hospitalisation Figures Bermuda May 9 2021

BHB said, “Hospitalisation admission numbers by week: Please note that we have not broken down vaccination status by week as it would unintentionally breach the vaccination status of individuals if it were known when they were admitted by hospital.”

Dates -   Total number of Patients admitted with Covid

  • March 14-19 2
  • March 21-27 5
  • March 28-April 3 21
  • April 4-10 23
  • April 11-17 25
  • April 18-24 4
  • April 25-May 1 12
  • Total for all weeks 92

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Some very interesting info .. that’ll no doubt create another storm.

  2. Vortex says:

    So its clear.

    By all means play the ‘its poison, its untested, its not my decision’.

    But if you end up as one of the 88%. Well that’s your stupid decision. And stay TF away from me.

    • And??? says:

      Not likely with a 99% recovery rate.
      Fear mongers

      • Jim says:

        What is so desirable about surviving 2-3+ weeks of being home sick and/or then spending 3-5+ days in the hospital on oxygen?

        • trufth says:

          What is so desirable about injecting yourself with an experiment that hasn’t got FDA approval and hasn’t been tested long enough to know anything about it’s after effects??

          • Roger Sherratt says:

            For anyone wishing to know the truth about Covid vaccinations, and particularly the Pfizer vaccine used in Bermuda, on 11th December 2020 the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization for use of the Pfizer vaccine after the department of Health in the U.S.determined there was a public health emergency. Other vaccines have also been given emergency use authorization. The FDA constantly reviews the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccines, and at latest count more than 1.29 billion vaccines have been administered.

          • DownDeRoad says:

            So after signs off on its approval this fall that means you are going to get it?

      • Get vaccinated says:

        Until that 1% is you or a loved one! You lots are holding back our island

        • And??? says:

          Your the one who throws away their whole meal away just because you find 1 ant in your salad or distroy 99% of the healty garden because 1% has weeds in it. Fear mongers

  3. Lara says:

    0% cases from fully immunized, and you still moan about vaccinations?

    Burt, ban them from churches, retail, restaurants etc.

    I mean, how much science do you need? irresponsible idiots.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Well, the problem with anti vaxers is that facts don’t matter

      • LOL - the real one says:

        What about the MISSING facts? How many were pure covid, vs. covid and underlying conditions? What is the breakdown of those underlying conditions? What was their health BEFORE being infected with covid? How were they infected and where? etc., etc. Basic infomration.

        You can drive a cruise ship through the wide channel of data that is not being released.

        • Roger shrratt says:

          Here’s a slightly different perspective than LOL …. in looking at these statistics – which are factual. We all know that the first priority in giving vaccinations was to vaccinate the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions so it would be reasonable to expect that a high proportion of those who have been vaccinated are in those two categories, and that a good number received their shots quite a few months ago.

          Far from FACTS being “hidden” these facts are not only true they provide INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence that the vaccines are both safe and very effective especially for our elderly and those who have health risks.

          This may be a very hard reality for those who have been falsely claiming that the vaccines are not effective and who falsely claim that it makes no difference because even if you take them you can still be infected with Civid-19. The truth is that yes, you can still be infected but the chances of being infected are much much lower, and there is a much much less chance of you being hospitalized – or worse.

          The FACTS speak for themselves.

          • LOL - the real one says:

            Why do you dance and deflect so poorly? Where did I even raise the issue of vaccines? Just answer the simple questions:

            1. How many were pure covid, vs. covid and underlying conditions?

            2. What is the breakdown of those underlying conditions?

            3. What was their health BEFORE being infected with covid?

            4. How were they infected and where? etc., etc.

            Where are the FACTS? WE DO NOT KNOW THE FACTS. Basic information and we still do not know the criteria used in Bermuda to classify death by covid-19. If we use the CDC’s 6% statistic, 31 x .06 = 1.86 or 2 persons have died directly from the virus.

          • Sandgrownan says:

            Don’t confuse them with facts! They don’t support the narrative.

      • Sailing says:

        Please don’t disrespect idiots

  4. Hopeful says:

    Great article. If this doesn’t convince more people to get vaccinated, goodness me, what will convince them? The vaccine saves lives and severe illness from Covid. Full stop

    • trufth says:

      What will convince them?? Oh, I don’t know maybe FDA approval? Maybe finish the clinical trials first?

      We are NOT anti-vax. We are anti THIS vax.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Ah, so you’re stupid then. Because there’s a metric ton of good data out there about this vaccine.

        • trufth says:

          Stupid? Classy.

          Ok, so tell me what your “metric ton” of good data says about the long term side effects. Tell me what the long term studies show at 1 year and at 2 years post vax. After that, you may have early onset dementia so I won’t push my luck.

          • sandgrownan says:

            And that tells me right there that you have you have only searched for “news” that reinforces your world view, myopic as it may be. It’s called confirmation bias.

      • Question says:

        Most clinical trials last 6 months to a year and have 3,000 to 4,000 participants, These vaccines started phase 1 trials last June, Over 1.2 billion people have had them now. We know they work, and know they’re safe.

  5. Unbelievable says:

    Hehe anti-vaxxers with no legs to stand on lol

    • Red Pill says:

      Can’t believe you are that easily fooled. You clearly don’t do any research and just listen to the narrative put out by the establishment.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Do you genuinely believe this is all a hoax, and big fat conspiracy? Curious.

      • no says:

        No, we listen to doctors. The ‘establishment’ listens to the doctors. How much do you know about the vaccine? How much do you know about the human body? Point me in the direction of this ‘research’ you speak of, if not, I think I’ll trust the experienced people who have studied for years and who took an oath to save lives.
        Why do you think 90+% of doctors on this island got the vaccine? They’re knowledgeable and they wouldn’t have taken it if it was going to harm them.

  6. LOL - the real one says:

    You conveniently overlook that the people who are supplying the “facts” are shaping the narrative.

    What about the MISSING facts? How many were pure covid, vs. covid and underlying conditions? What is the breakdown of those underlying conditions? What was their health BEFORE being infected with covid? How were they infected (details) and where (name places)? How does Bermuda’s trend wave compare against the USA & UK? etc., etc. Basic information is missing.

    • PSO says:

      Bermuda is statically irrelevant. We aren’t special because we are on an island.

      The vaccine works. Stop trying to be an armchair expert and listen to the actual experts.

    • Question says:

      It’s not “missing” information. It’s irrelevant information.

      The numbers are the same in the UK. If you are properly vaccinated, you reduce your chance of being hospitalized with covid to almost zero.

      • Lol - the real one says:

        WOW! Three coordinated attacks! My lucky day! No government influence here whatsoever.

        Your lack of intellectual curiosity and search for the truth is not my problem. The CDC website says that only 6% of deaths counted are directly from the virus. Why is that not the same for Bermuda?

        Your deflection is obviously bought and paid for. Bermuda has had a year of one failure after another.

        • Roger Sherratt says:

          So my personal comments, and those of others are viewed by LOL …… As a “coordinated attack”. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have no idea who else commented on his post. And I represent noone in our Goverment. It’s also most notable that anyone who disagrees with his or her comments is accused of lacking in “intellectual curiosity”!

          I’ve been reading comments from a group of people who have consistently tried to present us with an alternative reality. The reality is here for all of us in Bermuda to see for ourselves. The Covid vaccine is proving to be highly effective. The vast majority of people who have been vaccinated in Bermuda have NOT being infected. And of huge significance, not one single person in our country has been hospitalized after going through the full course of having two vaccines and the second vaccine has had the 2 weeks required for a person to reach full immunity.

          Those are the FACTS plain and simple.

          • LOL - the real one says:

            Since vaccinations started, no one in Bermuda:
            - has been struck by a meteor
            - has been attacked by a shark
            - has fallen into a volcano
            - has jumped off a tall building
            - has disappeared into The Bermuda Triangle
            - has been run over by a sea turtle
            - yada, yada, yada

            We only know of one person, the Premier, who was infected, but that is only because he was tested. There is no test program set up to regularly test the vaccinated.

            Your lack of intellectual curiosity over information that is not being released by government puts no burden on other people to care about your position.

        • Question says:

          More conspiracy theories?
          What is happening here is everyone is telling you well-known proven facts.
          You are wrong,

        • saud says:

          No one here has enough respect for you to waste their time ‘attacking’ you, snowflake.
          Being corrected is not an attack. We’re doing you a favor, so you don’t die from your stupidity.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Shouldn’t you be watching Ancient Aleins?

      I hear you are being spied on by satellites too. I wouldn’t go outdoors if I were you

      • LOL - the real one says:

        How can anyone watch “Ancient Aleins,” a show that does not exist? Do you often hear voices in your head? Suffer from paranoia? Halucciate about non-existent TV shows? Are those problems the result of your isolation or something more serious? Didn’t the Premier’s beard tell you to stop insulting voters?

        • saud says:

          Another coordinated attack…lol.

          LOL, you’re now at the point where your family and friends have distanced themselves from you. Your non-sensical rants have embarrassed them, and now you’re all alone. You have nothing but the internet to entertain you….and you’re revealing a severely disturbed mentality. Please, seek help.

  7. Red Pill says:

    More propaganda.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You know the moon landings were faked.

      • Ringmasterr says:

        I think the best conspiracy theory is the one about Bill Gates putting a tracking device in the vaccine. If there is a tracking device that is that small to get through the needle, it won’t be any good.
        However more to the point these people are probably on their phones most of the day and night and are too stupid to know that every call they make, every text they send, every e mail they send, every Whats App and Instagram and every time they switch their phone on and off or move around is already tracked, read and filed? The USA, UK, Russia all know about you.

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