Hotel Association: Mandatory Testing Policy

June 15, 2021

The Bermuda Hotel Association announced that “all association member properties will implement a mandatory requirement for all non-immunised hotel employees to be tested every seven days.”

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Hotel Association (BHA) have announced that with effect from Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, all association member properties will implement a mandatory requirement for all non-immunised hotel employees to be tested every seven (7) days.

“The purpose of the policy is to ensure that all non-immunised hotel employees are aware of their health status as a means of protecting themselves, their co-workers, family members, visitors/guests as well as all members of the wider community.

“The Hotel Industry as a key employer wishes to ensure that we exercise a heightened level of care for the safety of everyone, as we seek to successfully achieve the reopening of our tourism economy.”

- Note: The BHA sent a revised version at 1.27pm and the text above reflects the latest version.

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. trufth says:

    How will you know someone’s personal medical history if you aren’t their personal medical doctor?

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I have a card in my wallet from the Bermuda Hospitals Board that shows I am 2 jabs plus 2 months.

      No card, no proof of immunisation.

      No proof of immunisation, assumption that you are not immunised.

      It is exactly the same way it works when you get pulled over driving a car or motorbike. Produce a driving licence or you will be assumed tobe driving without one.

      And before anyone says that immunisation cards can be forged, so can a driving licence and an American $100 note.

  2. Bobby Jones says:

    Why should the Taxpayers have to pay so that these unvaccinated fools can be tested. They need to pay for it themselves.

    • Tamtam says:

      Have you lost the plot Bobby? You definitely are wearing your cloak of safety.. spitting out foolishness.

    • Sai Wainwright says:

      Name calling is NOT necessary. To each his own whatever a person chooses to do with their body. If you are vaccinated so be buy respect everyone’s own decision.

    • SMH says:

      So people who cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons are fools? Wow!! The only fool is you to make such a statement.
      I hope taxpayer’s didn’t pay for your education.

    • Me says:

      Stop trolling. You idiot.

  3. Tio Smith says:

    The jab doesn’t immunize anyone

    • Bobby Jones says:

      The Bda Gov gives certificates when a person is vaccinated so no ticks no washy.
      As I am sure you can tell “I have no time for the No Vacers”

    • Bobby Barnes says:

      It’s 90-95% effective. So having a vaccine is far, far far, far better than not having it at all.

      My view is you don’t have one then you are not entitled to any services, for example- you get sick then the insurance or Government doesn’t pay the bill, you want to work you need a vaccination.

      • Vote for Me says:

        What is your position on a smoker who gets cancer or someone who consumes excessive alcohol and gets a live disease? Or speeds on a bike and gets in an accident?

        • question says:

          Smokers and drinkers generally injure themselves, not others.

          Drivers who are extremely careless and cause accidents are about as abhorrent as anti-vaxxers. I put them in the same category: ignorant selfish 1 di ots.

  4. LA says:

    We are going to look back ten years from now and be embarrassed how we overreacted over this “pandemic”. Never in my life could I imagine we’d act this way over a virus with a 99% recovery rate. We’ve officially reached the point where the reaction to the virus is worse than the virus itself.

    • sandgrownan says:

      The mere fact you put pandemic in parenthesis tells me you’re an idiot.

    • A Reality Check says:

      It is noteworthy that the British, per the JCVI, will not be recommending vaccinations for children as the risk is assessed tooutweigh the benefits.
      Very telling.

      • question says:

        They are not vaccinating children at this time, but nowhere have they suggested “the risk outweighs the benefits”. That is an outright untruth. A lie, actually.

        Places that are vaccinating children, the USA and Israel for example, are doing it because, among other things, children can be vectors. There is also the issue that due to the Indian variant herd immunity needs more like 85% of the population to be immune. Given the number of ignorant anti-vaxxers, we won’t reach that point unless we include 12-15-year-olds.

        The reason not to do it is related to whether vaccines are better used on children, or on adults in other parts of the world. Not related to safety at all.

  5. Tamtam says:

    Feels illegal.

  6. Sai says:


  7. So a fully vaccinated Cruise Ship and all it’s passengers, who are all vaccinated, shows up with two passengers who tested positive for Covid19, which clearly indicate that vaccinated persons are Catcher’s, Spreaders, Shedder’s, and Transmitter’s, So Please tell me why just the unvaccinated employees need to be tested and not the vaccinated employees.

    This is Crap in the Highest Degree and unfair to say the least and it should not be allowed.

    • A Reality Check says:

      Well, could not be clearer than that. Thank tou Duane. Spot on.
      The policy by the Hotel Association is absurd and should be challenged .

  8. Lisa says:

    Ok so this is what they’re saying. If you work in a hotel “us fools” should have to pay to be tested every 7 days. ,if we chose not to be vaccinated.Our choice like every1 elses. But what about the thousands of others in Market Place every week, I dont think they’re making their staff mandatory test. Or other restaurants,or anywhere else for that matter. Seems a bit discriminatory
    . Some people should just shut up until you know facts

  9. Fisherman says:

    Those persons who speak against non vaccinated people apparently have not lost family or friends to this virus or who has fallen prey to the side affects, heart attack, serious lung infection, stroke or other. Nor do they not have anyone who is not able to take the shot. Should you not, then please please please do not say a word against or call anyone names, as you do not know or can ever feel our pain, concerns and or fears. You are more prone to spreading and catching it then anyone. Stay in your bubble and pray for all people on this Island is what you should be doing.

  10. #Common.Sense.Not.So.Common says:

    I thought we almost covid free? this didn’t happen when we was over 800 cases. I understand if someone shows sypmtoms or if there is a outbreak than they should be tested. But with a island with less than 5 cases, with a hard restriction at the border, why is this being done? It like punishing those that made the free choice not to be vaccinated in order to get them to get the shot to avoid this punishment. If its not a tight restriction at the border I can understand, but it is one, and the cases are close to 0 .. soon it will be mandatory vaccines, next thing you know the government with tell us all how to live and choose or die if you go against what we say to do.