Information Commissioner’s ‘Monthly Roundup’

June 18, 2021

The Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO] has released the latest edition of their ‘Monthly Roundup.’

The ICO said, “The Information Commissioner’s Office is a unique public authority for the people of Bermuda, focused solely on promoting and safeguarding public access to information by championing accountability, transparency and good governance. The work of the ICO’s officers to protect and uphold PATI laws may not always be visible to the general public. This includes efforts such as monitoring the publication of public authorities’ contracts with a total value of $50K or more, encouraging decision makers’ respect for public transparency around public spending, and working ‘behind the scenes’ with parties during reviews to resolve issues or improve PATI practices.

“Along with the ICO’s promotion and oversight of PATI rights for Bermuda and its residents, the ICO works to ensure that Bermuda’s ICO has a voice in the international community amongst its peers. The recent election of Information Commissioner Gutierrez to the ICIC’s first Executive Committee is a noteworthy milestone for the Bermuda ICO.

“Our jurisdiction is small and our PATI law was recently passed and enacted [when compared to the laws in other countries]. Yet, the Bermuda Information Commissioner’s position amongst fellow Commissioners should not be overlooked in its importance. Bermuda’s PATI regime and the ICO’s oversight of it is an example and a standard that is gaining respect in this international forum. For such a small oversight team as the ICO, this election is powerful. Commissioner Gutierrez is mandated to safeguard and advance PATI standards for Bermuda. Serving on the ICIC’s Executive Committee is an opportunity to also ensure that Bermuda’s presence is recognized and respected amongst larger jurisdictions with long-standing public access law.

“The ICO looks forward to the ongoing benefits from these international relationships contributing to the PATI rights and framework for Bermudians, residents and public authorities.”

The full ICO May 2021 Monthly Roundup follows below [PDF here]:

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