Video: Antonio Belvedere Leaves The Airport

July 14, 2021 | 40 Comments

[Updating] Flyers have been circulating asking people to gather at Bermuda’s airport as Antonio Belvedere is due to arrive this afternoon [July 14]. The flyer said the flight was due to land at 2.08pm and according to online trackers, it has touched down in Bermuda. We do see some people there with signs and you can watch live below.

Update: Antonio Belvedere has left the airport, with a statement from the officials saying he “fell within an exempted category” and “will be required to quarantine at home for the mandatory 14 day period.”

The police said, “The Ministry of Health has confirmed Mr. Antonio Belvedere met the requirements of the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No. 3) Amendment (No. 2) Order 2021 when he arrived in Bermuda today.

“The Ministry confirmed he arrived with an approved Bermuda COVID-19 Travel Authorisation form, fell within an exempted category (unaccompanied minors or medically vulnerable & their caregivers) and will quarantine at home for the mandatory 14 day period.”

A statement from the Police and Health Ministry said, “Mr. Belvedere met the requirements of the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No. 3) Amendment (No. 2) Order 2021, when he arrived in Bermuda today.

“He arrived with an approved Bermuda COVID-19 Travel Authorisation form, fell within an exempted category (medically vulnerable) as certified by a licensed physician or psychologist. Therefore he will be required to quarantine at home for the mandatory 14 day period.”

A short extract from the live just showing Mr Belvedere walking out:

Update: Eugene Dean, who has been very involved in these matters, made comments via a live stream on the Bermuda Freedom Alliance social media where he somewhat disputed some of the Government statement above.

Mr. Belvedere, as seen in the video, said his lawyer advised him not to comment right now, so we don’t expect further comment from him right now. Lawyer Marc Daniels said [scroll to 31 minutes in the full video] said he doesn’t really want to speak on the circumstances now, and ‘the conversation may come at a later stage.’

Update: The live broadcast has concluded and the replay is below:

Update 11.49pm: The Government has issued the statement below

Contrary to recent social media posts, the Ministry of Health can confirm the following related to Mr. Antonio Belvedere and the process that occurred in completing and submitting his Travel Authorisation (TA).

He made an application for a TA that was initially rejected due to no vaccination certificate or proof of hotel payment/exemption being supplied.

However, subsequent to the rejection, a letter from his physician that satisfied the requirements for an exemption from the quarantine facility based on medical grounds was received. The TA was updated accordingly while he was in flight.

To be clear:

1] He applied for a Travel Authorisation [TA] which contained a valid PCR pre-test.

2] He paid to submit the TA.

3] His original completed TA application was not approved.

4] He sent a medical certificate to one of our health officers.

5] The medical certificate was sent to the call centre.

6] The medical certificate was approved, which allowed for a medical exemption to quarantine at home.

7] He received an approved TA with a yellow waiver to quarantine at home.

8] He completed the process at the LFW upon arrival by uploading the medical certificate himself to the exemption portal.

Update July 15, 8am: Antonio Belvedere, via the Bermuda Freedom Alliance has issued the statement below

1. I did not complete a Travel Authorization form when I departed the United States of America.

2. I did not complete, file, or upload any documentation with any Government entity, or on any online portal, in support of an application for a medical exemption arising from my travel to Bermuda on 14 July 2021.

3. I did not pay any fee associated with any purported application for a medical exemption.

4. Whilst en route to Bermuda, I received a missed call from an unknown number.

5. I then received a WhatsApp message from a member of staff at the Ministry of Health.

6. The individual stated, in writing, that they were trying to reach me regarding my Travel Authorization form.

7. The individual then confirmed that they “re-did” a Travel Authorization form on my behalf; and further, they wanted to make sure I received it.

8. I confirmed that I was in the air and that my Travel Authorization was denied.

9. The individual told me that they updated the system and they changed my status from mandatory quarantine to home quarantine.

10. I did not ask this individual to do this on my behalf.

11. I did not ask anyone else to do this on my behalf.

12. I told this individual that I would see what other tricks were in store.

13. Upon my arrival in Bermuda, I requested to speak with my lawyer based on what transpired on the flight. However, I was not permitted to receive his counsel until I entered the arrival hall where he was kept waiting.

14. Whilst I remained in Customs, I was invited to put my name, address and telephone number on a separate form, which I did.

15. Before I walked into the arrival hall, I was made aware that the Bermuda Police Service and the Ministry of Health released a Joint Press statement stating that:

[i] I met the requirements of the law when I arrived in Bermuda;
[ii] I arrived with an approved Travel Authorization form;
[iii] I fell within a medically vulnerable exempted category; and
[iv] I will be required to quarantine at home for 14 days, as opposed to a mandatory quarantine facility at my own expense.

16. All of these four facts are true. However, I did not request or cause any of these steps to occur.

17. It is my reasonable belief that the Government of Bermuda has intentionally misled the public and presented a false narrative that I applied for a medical exemption in order to evade quarantine. I did no such thing.

18. Further, I believe that the Ministry of Health has intentionally sought to mislead Bermuda because of how vocal I have been in my criticism of their policies. This sets a dangerous precedent for our country.

19. I am of the firm belief that the Joint Press Release was intended to cause confusion, and contempt by the community towards me.

20. It is clear that my name and reputation have intentionally been totally besmirched in the public domain in order to silence me.

21. More importantly, I did not give permission to any medical personnel, or civil servant, to release any private & confidential medical information that may exist anywhere into the public domain.

We asked the Government to respond, specifically to the last point [21] from Mr Belvedere, and will update if able.

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  1. Trott says:

    This is nonsense Bermuda.
    So now we all can take the law into our own hands.
    We can do as we please.
    We don’t have to follow the rules.
    Yes, we all have a right to speak!
    FDM, what are you trying?
    So now, when we return, it is okay for everyone to just leave the airport
    and go home, then to the grocery store, and wherever.
    People, we have to remain safe.
    There are people here on the island that want COVID to go away.
    With actions like this, it seems like it is here to stay.
    Think People.

  2. dunn juice says:

    Nice airport too, thanks OBA.

  3. wahoo says:

    Awe man, I thought it was gonna be someone interesting.

  4. The Night Watch says:

    What a coward!! Chickened out at the last second and applied for a medical exemption!! Typical Bermudians all talk…

  5. Oh Oh says:

    but….he did follow protocol…you say he didn’t but he did. he had his travel authorization form filled out and approved, and he had proof of a medical condition that allowed him to be exempted …. C’mon Dean

  6. Lol says:

    All of you at the airport who wait for him got played. He had a medical exemption. He will quarantine at his house . The truth will set you free.

    • Otrwele says:

      The only people that got played are those who rely on governments and mainstream fake news Media for your information. They twisted the story for their benifit as expected and you are all so sheeple you would believe anything they say. He came home without a TA. fools!

      • BABS says:

        Please. He likes being in the lime light. You have to apply and also have a doctors note. So who wrote his doctor’s note?? It had to be on Office letterhead. Who wrote and signed his note. And at you Otrwele or what ever your name is REFRAIN from calling people fools unless you look in the mirror.

    • sandgrownan says:

      What a bunch of muppets.

    • Now What says:

      Yup. At least if he tests positive over the next two weeks contact tracing will be a breeze. If those who just couldn’t help touching him have to be quarantined, government shouldn’t offer any financial aid.

      • Kamal says:

        Same thing I was thinking. If he can come in contact with that many people before even going home to quarantine here lies the real issue innit! If it really was a pandemic and not a pandemic.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      So true. If I was that lot I’d feel like I’ve been had.
      Lots of big talk before leaving winding people up then returns after following all protocol AND (somehow) having an exemption.
      Guess what folks , he now gets the same treatment as a vaxxed person !

      • Jeff says:

        No he doesn’t. Just gets to quarantine at home, and for 14 days. Vaccinated people only need to quarantine until they get their negative arrival test result. What a joker this guy is. And his supporters are now saying this is fake news. Please provide the evidence that it’s fake news or stop denying. otherwise you sound just like trump supporters: anything that hurts your position is labeled as ‘fake news’ without any evidence. SMH

    • Lazy morons says:

      Seriously? Who has time to wait at an airport for a potential law breaker?! Get back to work!!

  7. What Now says:

    Such a nice clear sign asking to please stay off the grass. Some just can’t do as their asked. Probably think it’s another conspiracy.

  8. sage says:

    Nice to see people heading to quarantine just stroll out the front door then start hugging people, just like those who board the quarantine bus do. What a joke.

  9. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Well played Antonio,you beat them all at their own game.

  10. RastaCutty says:

    Hilarious. He followed all protocols and had a medical exemption and acts all tough. All you lot that showed up at the airport got played. You act as if you guys won but really you look silly. And why are you all hugging and shaking hands as soon as he lands? Makes no sense. Have we not all learned you shouldn’t interact with people until they have received their negative test results.

  11. What a coward says:

    Let me understand this for a moment. Some weeks ago you made all this hype about what you will do when you arrive back home, but the minute you arrive back you had a medical form which allowed you to lock down at home for the 14 days. All I can say is Sofia was woman enough to speak to the media and didn’t lawyer up like a coward.

    Bermuda allow this be a clear example to not follow cowards who say one thing and do another behind closed doors.

  12. Me says:

    Folks love media attention instagramable world we live in , famous for nothing ,
    \\”In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes.\\”. Andy Warhol

  13. So ahhhh says:

    So he had a get out of jail card all……How to throw your own welcome home party 101.

  14. Dunn juice says:

    All mouth, premier burts your cooler

  15. rotten onion says:

    Bob Richard’s international Airport, what a beautiful site.

    • Wahoo says:

      Name a place after someone who actually contributed to the island? I like that idea!

  16. Richard says:

    Got played by that guy

  17. BDAGold says:

    I think this is brilliant!!!!! There are so many opportunities here. Take the emotion out of it and truly think about it. What does this video show…….this shows that the government “could” use the alert tracking bands as an alternative option to mandatory hotel vaccinations.

    • pink buoy says:

      They are linked to an app with gps downloaded on your phone, so last year people were taking them off, going out and leaving their phone at home with the bracelet. But I do agree, there are definitely alternatives.

  18. Mark says:

    Bahahahahah…these numpties are so cowardly! Thanks for once again showing that all yall numpties are about yourselves and no one else! Lollll

  19. Sal says:

    Who is this guy? I have never heard of him and yet he acts like he is a celebrity.

    An internet search reveals him to be a cook.

  20. George says:

    Awesome to have celebrities visiting our shores. Definitely one of the better Spanish actors out there. Great in Zorro and best voiceover ever in puss n boots.

  21. JohnBoy says:

    Me thinks there’s more to this story. I’ll stay tuned.

  22. SMH! says:

    Why is Ministry of Health releasing personal medical and government form submission information?

    If he lied. Prosecute. But statements to the press about a persons travel authorization and or his medical situation.? Shameful!!!!!

  23. Bill says:

    His type have nothing better to do. And what’s more embarrassing is his sheep followers that waited for him….you lot don’t have jobs? I swear Bermuda produces a bunch of small minded lemmings.

    • saud says:

      ” I swear Bermuda produces a bunch of small minded lemmings.”

      Yes, is also homophobic, racist and xenophobic.

  24. AP says:

    WHO CARES!! Why is this man making national attention like he’s a celebrity?? IS THIS WHAT WE HAVE COME TO?

  25. RastaCutty says:

    Did anyone else notice that Environmental Health Officer was shaking Toto’s hand at the airport? Is something going on there that we aren’t being told? Did they strike a deal? Also just seems like the health dept of all people should know that you do not interact with someone that just arrived until they have had their negative test results.

  26. JohnBoy says:

    Obviously someone hooked him up and he was supposed to just keep quiet and move along which he is not doing. Now someone is gonna be in big, big trouble!

  27. itsnowonder says:

    It’s clear that someone is outright lying to the people of Bermuda.

  28. SMH says:

    1. You also said you completed one which was denied within seconds.
    2 & 3. You’re Bermudian so you wouldn’t have had to before being allowed on the flight but would have had to pay in Bermuda.
    5. If you were going to comply, ignore the whatsapp message. Why engage.
    7. Nice how you quoted , “re-did” when you hadn’t done one.
    8. Now you’re saying the TA you didn’t do was denied. Can’t keep track.
    13. Customs area and you weren’t detained, at least you have not stated or suggested such so why would anyone including a lawyer be allowed in.
    14. Invited to, could decline! Separate form, say what the form was!
    16. All of these facts are true!!! You say. After that I cannot understand how anyone who supported you woukd not bow their head in shame and just walk away. Question, how would they get your medical information from yours or any medical personnel without your approval. Should we assume some action will be forthcoming in relation to the unauthorized access?
    21. I do not believe your medical information was released but if you say so. However, I bet that was what you were counting on. That they could say you had a medical exemption so you could carry on this farce of a stand you fooled your supporter into believing.

    What a sham

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