Events To Mark Sloop Foundation’s Anniversary

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The Bermuda Sloop Foundation [BSF] is getting set to celebrate its 15th anniversary, with the celebration including participating as a committee boat in the annual Warren “Mickey” Foggo Flag Pole to Flag Pole race on Sunday [Sept 5].

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Sloop Foundation is ramping up its event schedule to honour the 15th anniversary of the arrival of the Spirit of Bermuda and its transformative youth development programmes.

“Over 7,000 youth have taken part in the unique educational platform – about 5,500 M3 students in the five-day residential programme; an additional 1,500 young people aged 15 – 25 aboard the coastal, and overseas voyages of discovery – since 2006, which was the first-of-its-kind in Bermuda for over a decade.

“Supporting the organisation’s vision at its inception was Dame Jennifer Smith, who is being proudly recognized as the honourable patron of this celebratory milestone. Understanding the importance of the BSF’s endeavours, Dame Jennifer was instrumental in providing government support which has been, and continues to be, of great value to both the organisation and its voyagers.

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“After five years in operation, the positive effects of BSF were felt within the community, and the sentiments were echoed by Dame Jennifer during her speech at the organization’s annual awards ceremony.”

Former Premier and then Minister of Education, Dame Jennifer said, “Why, you might ask, did we rally behind the Bermuda Sloop Foundation so early on? Well, I’m honoured to say, the vision was sound and, after five years of operations, the benefits to our youth and our community have been proven and, better yet, have exceeded our expectations.

“Enriched by the Foundation’s special brand of education, we believe we have an operating community in Spirit of Bermuda for learning that will fully prepare this young generation for the challenges that surely lie ahead.

“After all, how can we ask our youth to leave home, to reach out to distant horizons of human potential, if we as parents and public servants do not have the courage to lose sight of the shore?”

The spokesperson said, “With a significant support network of both public and private partners in place, the BSF successfully launched the Spirit of Bermuda and thousands of students have benefitted from it’s alternative sail training curriculum. The experiential-based STEAM education also focuses on character and leadership development, with seven key values: responsibility, accountability, resilience, self-confidence, teamwork, courage, pride, and awareness.

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“Implementation of the middle school programmes could not have been possible without foresight, planning, incredible staff, board members, partners, and donors.”

The Bermuda Government’s Department of Workforce Development acting director, Patricia M.D. Chapman, Ph.D. said, “The Department of Workforce Development is pleased to be a partner with the BSF.

“The synergy between the two organizations creates pathways to provide training programmes and initiatives that foster the growth and development of young Bermudians. The Department remains a committed partner and looks forward to being of service to the BSF to support youth to realize tangible training and development outcomes.”

The spokesperson said, “The people of the Bermuda Sloop Foundation are its heartbeat, and at its core, are the visionaries who had a concept they made a reality.

Bermuda Sloop Foundation Co-Founder, Board Director, Event Chairman, Alan Burland said, “Having been involved with the Foundation for over 20 years, I am absolutely delighted to see the positive impact of our programs on our youth. It is also most rewarding to see the ever growing community support for the BSF and Spirit of Bermuda.

“Although times are changing, and the way in which we interact has been modified owing to the current global pandemic, the BSF is weathering the storm, adjusting its sails to adapt to current social conditions, and will continue to provide quality educational programs ensuring Bermuda’s youth have a bright future.

“We thank all who have given time, energy, financial support and leadership during the initial 15 years. We look forward to continuing our service over the next 15 years and we welcome the continued support.”

The spokesperson said, “The BSF’s celebration series kicks off with the Spirit of Bermuda participating as a committee boat in the annual Warren “Mickey” Foggo Flag Pole to Flag Pole race taking place on September 5th. Anyone wishing to join the crew onboard the Spirit of Bermuda can purchase tickets online through, which includes lunch and bar service.

“The safety of all staff and guests are a priority, therefore all events will be managed in accordance with the government’s Covid-19 guidelines.

“Further activities are set to take place on September 25th with an evening of live entertainment and camaraderie in the west end of the island, and a third event in the heart of Hamilton Harbour with a colourful flotilla on October 2nd. Additional details of the subsequent events and how the public can get involved will be released in the weeks to come.

“The public is encouraged to follow @bermudasloopfoundation on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for full event details.”

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