Endeavour & US Sailing STEAM Workshops

December 22, 2022

Endeavour partnered with US Sailing’s Reach Initiative for a STEAM educator workshop with public school educators.

A spokesperson said, “Endeavour, a Bermuda-registered charity that builds self-confidence and life skills by engaging Bermuda’s youth in experiential learning through sailing, partnered with US Sailing’s Reach Initiative, which utilises sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establish a love of learning and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math [STEM] careers, for a STEAM educator workshop with public school educators.

“Endeavour has partnered with US Sailing and the Bermuda Ministry of Education since 2015 when the Endeavour Middle School Programme was first established to engage every student from all public and private schools across Bermuda during their first year of middle school in an interactive STEAM education through sailing experience.

“Endeavour worked with US Sailing’s Reach initiative and the Ministry of Education to develop a Bermuda-relevant education curriculum in relation to the Cambridge Curriculum math and science learning objectives implemented in public schools to better understand how to work together to enrich the learning experience for students of all abilities and diverse learning styles.

“The Endeavour Middle School Programme aims to build on what students are learning in the classroom as they expand their understanding of STEAM concepts applicable through sailing. Lessons include buoyancy, wind power and wind measurement, sailing geometry, simple machines and mechanical advantage, environmental conservation, sailing fundamentals, and Bermuda’s rich maritime heritage.

“Since 2015, more than 4,150 students have engaged in the Endeavour Middle School Programme building on their understanding of STEAM concepts applicable through sailing through inquiry-based, hands-on learning activities.

“During the 2021-2022 academic year, 75% of students reported an increased interest in learning about STEAM with 83% of students stating they were more interested in learning about science as a result of participating in the Endeavour Middle School Programme. And 70% of students reported that they were more aware of STEAM career pathways after engaging in the Endeavour Middle School Programme.

“In addition to learning more about STEAM education and sailing, the experience enables students to develop skills such as communication, problem-solving and teamwork as well as build their confidence on and off the water.

“90% of students reported that they felt more confident and 95% reported they increased their ability to work as a team due to their participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme during the 2021-2022 school year.”

Jen Guimaraes, US Sailing Youth Education Manager said, “Endeavour has accomplished so much since our partnership began in 2015. Endeavour’s adaptation of the US Sailing Reach curriculum has had a lasting impact on students in their programme, providing valuable learning experiences for diverse youth across the island and using the rich maritime history as a powerful learning platform. It’s remarkable to observe students’ growth in STEAM concepts, especially in a place-based teaching environment. US Sailing is grateful to be part of such an impactful programme and looks forward to continuing this meaningful partnership.”

The spokesperson said, “Endeavour also partners with US Sailing’s Reach Initiative and the Ministry of Education to facilitate STEAM educator workshops as professional development for local teachers and Endeavour’s instructors. More than 100 teachers in Bermuda have participated in workshops first held in 2015 then 2016, 2018 and most recently in 2022.

“Teacher chaperones support their students’ participation in the programme and actively engage in the activities along with students which helps build on what students are learning at school to reinforce the learning.

“100% of teachers who provided their feedback about their experience believe that Endeavour’s STEAM activities align with their lesson plans and in-class curriculum.”

In September 2022, the following teachers participated in the full day training that took place at Endeavour’s West Fort in Dockyard:

  • Yakeisha Weir – Science Teacher, Clearwater Middle School
  • Donna Woolridge – Educational Therapist, Clearwater Middle School
  • Roslyn Lee – Educational Therapist, Dellwood Middle School
  • Marlo Santiago – Functional Skills Teacher, Whitney Institute Middle School / Endeavour Board member

Marlo Santiago shared, “I enjoyed being able to experience being a student so I could have a better appreciation for how students might feel when they participate [in the programme] as well as making connections while supporting them. Endeavour allows all students to experience and appreciate life on the water, and access to knowledge about Bermuda’s maritime history which was experienced by all of Bermuda’s people.”

The spokesperson said, “The interactive workshop offers a professional development opportunity for school teachers and Endeavour’s instructors to build on their skills and knowledge for effective teaching strategies and techniques focused on inquiry-based learning that maximises student engagement and an enriching learning experience.

“Endeavour’s team members also participated in the training including young Bermudians who have completed the Endeavour Maritime Career Springboard Programme who are working with Endeavour as Programme Instructor Interns to gain teaching experience and continue to build their skills and knowledge.”

MaLahku Selassie, 2022 Endeavour Maritime Springboard Graduate and Endeavour Programme Instructor Intern said, “The opportunity allowed me to further develop my skills, specifically teaching. I enjoyed the practical component of the training which enhanced my understanding of what the students are learning to be able to better support their development and growth through what they learn and experience at Endeavour.”

The spokesperson said, “Endeavour is committed to ensuring that its programmes are accessible to all young people in Bermuda of all backgrounds, skills, and abilities. Students participate in Endeavour’s school programmes at no cost to themselves, funded by sponsorship, grants, and donations. This ensures that youth across all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to be exposed to the life-changing educational experiences and skills development provided by Endeavour.”

Endeavour’s Executive Director, Jennifer Pitcher states: “We are honoured to partner with the Ministry of Education and US Sailing’s Reach Initiative for this educational training that strengthens Endeavour’s partnership with local educators while building our collective knowledge and capacity through greater awareness of tools and techniques to maximise the students’ learning experience.

“We appreciate the generous support from Endeavour’s donors, partners and supporters that enables us to create a positive impact in diverse young lives across Bermuda. This incredible support helps us to ensure that youth of all backgrounds across Bermuda are able to access this programme and benefit from it for years to come.

“We are deeply grateful to Endeavour’s lead founding partner Orbis Investments for their unwavering support of Endeavour along with the following donors that support the Endeavour Middle School Programme: Arch Capital Group Ltd., PwC Bermuda, BF&M Ltd., Oakley Capital Investment, Centennial Bermuda Foundation, Everen Limited, Chubb Charitable Foundation, Butterfield, Butterfield & Vallis, and XL Foundation. Special thanks to PartnerRe who supported the US Sailing Reach Educator Course.”

The spokesperson said, “To learn more about Endeavour and the positive impact that we are making in young lives across Bermuda, watch this video specific to Endeavour’s partnership with US Sailing here and visit www.endeavour.bm.”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    This is a milestone for Bermuda a terrific idea to give our less fortunate youths great opportunities to learn outside of the box.
    There is so much good happening in Bermuda however not sure the right people are aware of it.