Bermuda Keelboat Regatta 2021 Day Three

November 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Keelboat Regatta 2021 concluded in the Great Sound, with all three fleets taking to the water.

In the IOD Fleet they managed five races to make the series a total of nine races, Patrick Cooper finished on top of the leaderboard with 11 Net Points, Blythe Walker was second with 15 net points, and Craig Davis ended in third place with 23 net points.

In the J105 Fleets, also managed 5 races on the day, with Peter Bromby claiming the title with 9 net points, edging out Adam Barbosa who finished with 10 net points, and first day leader Trevor Boyce finished third with 11 net points

Only three boats entered the Etchells Fleet, with John Hele claiming the title with 6 net points, while David Leach sailed to second place.

IOD Fleet after 9 Races

11 Patrick Cooper
15 Blythe Walker
23 Craig Davis
36 Nicholas Schoeder
41 Roby Douglas
44 Hubert Watlington
49 Colin James
52 Jean-Lou Pengelly

Etchells Fleet after 5 Races

06 John Hele
09 David Leach
DNF Timothy Patton

J105 Fleet after 6 Races

09 Peter Bromby
10 Adam Barboza
11 Trevor Boyce
17 James Macdonald
21 Keith Chiappa
26 Kelsey Durham

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