Cannabis Licensing Act Will Be Reintroduced

November 15, 2021

The Cannabis Licensing Act — which passed in the House of Assembly in February 2021 however failed in the Senate in March 2021 – “will be reintroduced in the House of Assembly,” the Government said.

This is according to a new webpage — — the Government has released that shows the current status of all 31 priority initiatives in Bermuda’s Economic Recovery Plan.

As it pertains to cannabis, the webpage said, “Establish Regulatory Regime for Cannabis. The Government is keen to introduce policies that will progressively liberalise Cannabis laws in keeping with public sentiment on the topic and aligning with other jurisdictions on the matter.

“A proposed policy sets out the framework of what a regulated Cannabis scheme might look like for Bermuda. It has been principally influenced by existing regulated Cannabis laws in other favourable jurisdictions such as Canada and small island nations in the Caribbean.

“The Cannabis Licensing Act rejected by the Senate in March 2021 will be reintroduced in the House of Assembly and passed.”

Back in 2020, the Attorney-General Kathy Lynn Simmons had said, “Provisions in the Bill will permit lawful activities relating to the cannabis plant, medicinal cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis-infused food products. It also grants monitoring, inspection and enforcement powers to the regulator: The Cannabis Licensing Authority.

“The lawful activities associated with cannabis will also include personal adult-use and consumption of lawfully obtained cannabis plant material, medicinal cannabis, cannabis products and cannabis-infused food products for persons 21 years of age or older. It is expected that lawful access to cannabis will reduce the illicit trade in cannabis and the associated harms.”

As the Bill failed in the Senate in March of this year, it is not expected to be brought back to the House imminently.

For updates on the other 30 initiatives, you can view the Government’s webpage

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The Cannabis Licensing Act … “will be reintroduced in the House of Assembly,” the Government said.”

    And I repeat, good luck finding a corresponding bank that will deal with any bank in Bermuda that knowingly deals in cannabis proceeds. The problem is not unique to Bermuda. California, Nevada and Colorado have the same problem (and probably more political influence than Bermuda).

  2. Pondering says:

    Glad we’re paying attention to what’s really important

  3. Buggery says:

    A govt of followers, not leaders.

    Now that money can be made, weed is ok? Everybody now wants to get in on the California model. Big business making money so “it’s ok” now. FOH.

    We’re surely seeing that the devil runs the world and most politricksians in it.