MPs Pass Cannabis Licensing Act Legislation

March 27, 2022

The Cannabis Licensing Act 2022 — which will allow for the regulated growth and sale of cannabis — has passed in the House of Assembly and after going to the Senate it is expected to be sent to the Governor.

The Act was originally passed in the House of Assembly back in February 2021, however failed to pass on the Senate in March 2021 which resulted in the Government to having to delay the legislation for one year.It passed the House of Assembly again by 18 votes to 6, with a party line vote that saw the OBA MPs vote no.

Audio extract of the vote

The Bill will now head to the Senate, which is procedural as the Senate, in effect, cannot block the legislation a second time. The Speaker noted that the Bill will proceed to the Senate and no matter the outcome, it will still proceed on to the Governor.

The full Cannabis Licensing Act 2022 follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. kevin says:

    Its a matter of time this plp government will finish the job of ruining this jewel of the atlantic ….thank you… you voted for it and you will get it watch what comes next Burt will finish what the Doctor started

  2. Ringmaster says:

    I posted this on another article, but will repost here.

    I think the telling point about the vote is if you remove Cabinet votes that have to vote Yes, more PLP MP’s abstained than voted Yes. It’s a cowardly way out and they should have voted No. As it is written it is not a Bill that is supported by the the majority of backbench PLP MPs. Add 12 abstentions to the OBA 6 and you get 18 votes effectively against the legislation, and 18 for. This is no way to ram through ill conceived legislation.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      This Bill has nothing to do with cannabis and everything to do with setting up a contrived dispute with London so that Bermuda goes independent without any referendum of the people

  3. Beeswax says:

    This isn’t about weed, this is about fighting with the UK and an excuse for another independence call.

    We see through it Burt, and we already said no.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Of course it is, transparently politicL

      • VAR says:

        Burt takes us for fools, can you imagine the mess we would be financially if we went independent?

        Comments are right, Burt focus on marijuana (if you must) not throwing stones at the Queen.

  4. Let's Keep It Real says:

    Unfortunately, those members that abstained have no backbone. Making cultivation of cannabis is only going to lead to new social disorder. Will WR blame the white oligarch( as he called them) when this happens. This will definitely lead to much night farming which will lead to other negative behaviour. Will the PLP then blame the so gangster culture?

    It’s amazing how whenever they (PLP) want to justify an action they turn it into a racial issue. As I look around this Island there are more whites that have farm land then blacks.

    So my question to the 18 that voted in favour of this, will you now purge everybody’s records who have been arrested and incarcerated for previous cannabis offences? Will you also give remuneration to those who have previously been incarcerated for said charges?

  5. Squid says:

    illegal for under 21 , ha , yeah like that’s going to work ????

  6. Unknown800k says:

    Amazing what a student Burty is. Also amazing the hypocrites sitting backnletting this happen.
    Whoever you might be FOF a minister that needs a paycheck either one your a hypocrite

  7. Gaz says:

    Well if this happens, it needs to be policed like alcohol. Spot checks at work and more importantly on the roads.

    Its a backward step though and I agree with the comments on independence. Slippery tactics that the majority do not want.

    • Sage says:

      So you mean no checks basically or just pre-announced checks they do not report the results of like the past weekends DUI checkpoints? Alcohol kills many people on our roads and features in domestic violence, sexual offenses and murders amongst other terrible crimes, why are you not suggesting we make it completely illegal too then?

  8. Here we go again says:

    Here we go again. The electorate asked for change . It has been received. The electorate changes its mind . Reminds me of how we swim. We rarely jump in. We always wade…30 mins later we are in and the tide has gone out?!!!!! Hence no hotels. No casinos. I predict bedlam. I told you so.

  9. SMH says:

    Great, illegal in public, gar will solve everything. Go to an event in Bermuda the police just stand there and do nothing now.

    Who will pay for the addicts? National health insurance?

    So the 12 who didn’t like the policy yet didn’t vote, I do not ever want to hear you speak about children and safeguarding them, some of you actually spoke against the bill, but had no morales to actually vote against it.

  10. Bermuda Cedar says:

    D green machine aint nothin but a bunch of jokers and midnight tokers! A bad piece of legislation being pushed through for the sake of picking fights…the Regressive Labour Party forever 1 step forward 2 steps back, actively fighting same sex marriage but pushing forward ill-conceived marijuana legislation in the name of progress. D Emperor Burt and his populistic appeals for support…I’m not against legalisation but if youre going to do it, do it right and make it coherent!

  11. WELL there goes my quite evenings at home night farming

  12. Observer says:

    First amendment to the Bill: Every surgeon MUST smoke 2 joints before operating on their patient, every bus driver and ferry operator will be issued one joint before starting their shift (etc).