City To Commence Traffic Light Upgrades

November 29, 2021 | 4 Comments

Next month the City of Hamilton will commence traffic light upgrades in the area of Church Street, Par-la-Ville Street, Bermudiana Road and Richmond Road.

A spokesperson said, “Works will extend to the exit area of the Par-la-Ville car park. There are no anticipated full road closures.

“Works include the removal of current traffic lights and the installation of new poles, lights and sensor systems at all three area intersections, as well as the relocation of bike parking and the fabrication of drop curbs to ensure ADA compliancy and increase safety for pedestrians.

“Civil works will commence early December and will take approximately three months to complete.”

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  1. Rig says:

    Just what we need, more traffic congestion.

    Have you ever seen the islands roads looking such a mess?

  2. Question says:

    Can the finish the half-done roadworks all over the country before starting anything new?

  3. Spanner breath says:

    The city is clueless anyway. Ever notice there trash pick up times, rush hour mornings and evening.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “the fabrication of drop curbs to ensure ADA compliancy”

    Well, that tells me 2 things. First, whoever wrote that press release believes that “compliancy” is a word. Second, and more seriously, the Corporation of Hamilton is committed to ensuring “compliancy” with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Now the hard question, how much of the Americans with Disabilities Act is the Corporation of Hamilton seeking compliance with and is it voluntary or are all City residents required to comply with an American law?

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