Column: Professional Coaching Is For Everyone

July 13, 2021

Lorene Phillips Bermuda April 2020[Written by Lorene Phillips]

There is a misconception that professional coaching is reserved for the elite [i.e., those in the C-Suite and those that can afford it]. Let me clear it up once and for all: The powerful and transformative outcome of coaching is available to everyone not just the privileged few.

Access to a great professionally trained coach is often the ‘secret sauce’ to many high performers sustained success, despite the curve balls of change and challenges.

The truth is, unfortunately I bought into this misconception and denied myself this crucial investment at pivotal points in my career. Ignorance is not bliss. That is the reason why I became a qualified coach so I can change this pattern and help those not in the C-Suite or wealthy.

As we know this includes specifically women, Blacks, Indigenous and People of Colour. There is also a need for popping off the lid on this arsenal that can give you a competitive advantage. Knowledge is power. All great performers get a coach – it is that simple.

If you are a leader, post-pandemic is requiring a new set of skills to lead teams. These skills now include: Empathy, Resilience and Vulnerability. Learning coaching skills can provide the framework for you to lead confidently in these areas. My best friend and HR expert reminded me this weekend that, people who lead people need coaches too.

Coaching creates that safe space to raise your awareness, help you find your blind spots and become motivated to stretch to meet your goals. As a professional coach, I want each of you to succeed by showing up your best self with the engagement of a great coach. You no longer need to go it alone.

Find a coach that you connect with and start doing the work you need to be the professional and the leader that will impact your team. You will become more empowered to face the new challenges ahead with confidence.

- Lorene Phillips is a well-established [re]insurance executive turn qualified executive leadership and career coach, business etiquette trainer, speaker, and writer. She works with diverse professionals to establish and achieve career goals, with an emphasis on leadership development, career transition, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Lorene is also the founder of Clarendon Wallace and The British School of Etiquette, Bermuda.


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