WindReach’s Miniature Horse ‘Tilly’ Passes Away

November 5, 2021

WindReach announced that Tilly — a miniature horse who worked as a therapy animal — passed away, noting that since she first arrived at WindReach back in 1997 she was a “gem of a therapist.”

A spokesperson said, “It is with tremendous sadness that WindReach announces the passing of our beloved therapy animal, Tilly. Tilly’s last day on November 3, 2021 was spent with her WindReach Family where she was comfortable and showered with affection, gratitude and loads of yummy treats.

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“Tilly arrived at WindReach in October of 1997, and has been a gem of a therapist ever since. Tilly’s feisty and jovial spirit was enjoyed by thousands as they visited WindReach, or participated in our Educational and Therapeutic Programmes.

“For many of WindReach’s participants, Tilly was their mentor and gentle teacher as she helped to facilitate sessions on animal husbandry and fostered the human animal bond.

“There were many first-time experiences with Tilly helping to teach our participants how to engage with animals and understand non-verbal ques and communication. Many of Tilly’s students were shoulder-to shoulder with her in height, and it was magical to witness the interactions that she had with them.”

A long serving WindReach staff member recalled, “I remember well, my first week on the job and how the master escape artist Eeyore, Tilly’s bestie, cheekily escaped. Before he made his mad dash for the lower fields, he opened Tilly’s stall beckoning her to join him. Tilly glanced at me for a brief second, almost daring me to question her loyalty to Eeyore… and off she went. She was such a loyal friend, co-worker and community partner.”

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The spokesperson added, “Although a mini, she had the personality of a giant. Her presence resonated throughout the Animal Zone amongst, not just her herd, but each individual that came through the gate. As tender and loving of a therapy pony that she was, she was definitely no push over, quick to put Eeyore in his place when he overstepped his boundaries.

“One of our fondest memories of Tilly was watching her transform into an amazing “racing pony” the moment her and Eeyore were turned out in our sand arena. She would be seen galloping at full tilt and leaping into the air. It was such a perfect example of her spirit and joy for life.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. Moyra Benbow who generously donated Tilly back in 1997.

WindReach Tilly Bermuda Nov 2021 3

“Tilly leaves behind her best friend Eeyore, as well as many other WindReach therapeutic animals. She will definitely live on in the hearts and minds of all staff members, participants and volunteers, past and present. Special thanks to the many dedicated volunteers and staff who cared for Tilly and supported her with her Therapeutic role over the past 24 years. She had quite the amazing career.

“Donations celebrating Tilly’s legacy are welcomed and will help to support our Educational and Therapeutic Programmes. They can be made to our WindReach HSBC account#: 010-857621-001

“For more information about WindReach and their Educational & Therapeutic Programmes visit or search for WindReachBermuda on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn.”

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  1. Barbara Cooper says:

    May “Tilly’ RIP in ‘horsie-heaven’ !