People Assist Collapsed Horse In Dockyard

August 5, 2015

[Updated] People in Dockyard came to the aid of a horse today [Aug 5] after it collapsed this afternoon, attending to it in order to offer comfort and cover before the animal could be tended to.

Bystanders said a vet came and put the horse on a drip, and the horse’s condition seemed to improve. Further details are limited at this time, but we will update as able.

Update 4.32pm: Unofficial reports indicate that the horse is recuperating, and seems to be ok.

Update Aug 6, 10.25am: An e-petition has just been started [link here], saying “Animal welfare is a direct reflection of our community. We are not well represented when we force horses to work during then hottest time of day. This needs to change.”

Photos courtesy of Jill Kowalchuk:




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  1. AMD says:

    Hope the horse will be okay. This heat is too much for animals to labor in. Don’t the animal laws protect them from this cruelty?

    • sage says:

      I agree 100%. Hope the horse is ok. They shouldn’t be worked in this heat.Why then is it ok to work people 4 or more hours straight, manual labour in the direct sun without a break in this heat with no minimum wage?

      • Self says:

        The difference is humans have a choice in the matter, horses don’t . Humans know their bodies and can take a break when tired, horses can’t. Humans can call in sick when they’re unwell, horses can’t. These poor horses cannot communicate their feelings, they just have to do as they’re told.
        I personally witnessed people trying to hydrate and revive the horse. I actually thought it was a goner, and I’m so happy to see it’s OK. However, what happens now? Back to work pulling fatsos in the searing heat? This is pure animal cruelty.

        • Anne says:

          I agree. We have a choice as to what we want to do-last time I checked, nobody asked these creatures if they feel like carting around a bunch of humans in this heat whether tired, unwell or just not wanting to. There was a time when we humans relied on horses for transportation and the like because we had no alternatives; now in this industry it’s just a money making thing for the operators. Not saying that the owner didn’t take care of this horse, but the first thing the operators say is that their animals are well taken care of when some clearly are not.

          Yes, people need to make a living but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the poor animal’s well being. If this practice is not outright banned, then there should be restrictions such as the owners can’t operate in the height of the day when the day is at its hottest. Maybe they should only operate at the earliest and latest parts of the day when it’s cooler.

        • sage says:

          Yeah some humans have a choice, like employers who exploit workers by overworking them whilst underpaying, many employees have no choice, take a break, call in sick, you’re gone. Bills keep coming, debts keep multiplying. Something is wrong with us having empathy for animals but not humans. Like Cecil’s many supporters who don’t care about the children dying of malnutrition and preventable illnesses. All life needs to be respected more than it is. You witnessed, but did you actually try to help?

    • Terry says:

      Excuse me for being an a** again.

      Thank God I don’t have the net.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Now I know how my people felt on the Plantations.

      • LMA says:

        No you don’t. Had that been a person in slavery then would’ve been beaten, sent back to the field and beaten again. Without any medical attention or any compassion what so ever.

  2. Nichola says:

    People that have these poor horses pulling around carriages in this heat is animal cruelty! and this is not the first time this has happened… I understand that people need to make money but between the peak heat hours they should not be allowed out. This poor horse collapsed on a searing hot road. HOPE YOU CANT SLEEP TONIGHT OWNER! DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  3. Oh My says:

    It’s too hot out there for the horses people!

    If it is too hot for you; imagine an animal who can’t tell you this?

    Please horse people have some compassion. Come out after 6 if you must come out. I know it is some of you all’s bread and butter,but it doesn’t help if your poor horse can’t handle the heat.

    • Regina says:

      Bread and butter – whatever. We know you push these animals way too hard for the sake of money. You should be ashamed of yourselves – and believe me, this will HURT your business because we all know who you are. You should be forced to wear a black fur coat and work in the sun all day.

  4. enough says:

    Get him out of the heat, poor thing was probably so hot, what were they thinking having him/her out in all this heat.

  5. JohnBoy says:

    I see you Roque!

  6. Oh ok says:

    Look at the gash on that horse’s leg! Poor thing. Hope it recovers fully and is treated better in the future.

  7. N / A says:

    If you don’t put gas in you motor vehicle, it will either cut out or not start. The same applies to the living horse carrying you around. It needs lots water, especially in all this heat.

  8. Rebecca Richards says:

    My husband and I are in Bermuda and it’s extremely hot. I have been so hot I’m drinking so much fluid. These horses need more water, shade. They should not do horse rides during the extreme heat :-(

    • Regina says:

      Make sure you don’t support these people while you are here on vacation diring this time of year.

    • Sunshine says:

      I use to live in Bermuda…you can easily walk around beautiful Hamilton on foot, no need to be pulled by a poor overworked horse. This is just pure laziness people.

  9. What D Flop says:

    D next time I see some horses on a hot sunny day like this towing these fat people around I’m gonna take it upon myself and cut them free. Time these fat people start walking use what d lord gave them.

    • Awake says:

      You are going to cut the horse free? Do you have any clue what kind of chaos THAT would cause? I understand the frustration, but a horse is not a dog. You can’t expect that a horse will just stand there after being cut free. Horses spook quite easily!

      • What D Flop says:

        Good that way they can run free

        • PBanks says:

          That’s all good until they run free right into your bedroom

    • Minealone says:

      What a terrible thing to say. Carriage rides have been going on for many many years and while I agree that the horses should not be used to carry people in the middle of the day, I see no reason why they cannot be used after sunset. These carriage rides are still part of the charm of Bermuda for a tourist and they also provide an income for drivers. But your nasty comment about “fat people” is terrible and completely unnecessary. While you may not think so Tourism is still very important to Bermuda but you are not showing the good grace of an Ambassador for our beautiful Island. Shame on you!!

      The horses need to be cared for better, watered regularly, which I’m sure they will say they are but they should not be used for carriage rides during the summer months in the middle of the day. Save the rides for the early evening when the temperatures drop a bit. The owners & drivers should be more cautious with these beautiful animals and take the heat index and humidity into consideration.

      • Jim bob says:

        Yes, carriage rides have been going on for years……but it’s also a know fact that the world population has been getting fatter for years so I tend to agree with the original comment about fat people not walking.

        • Brian says:

          Skinny people go in the carriages also, why do you have to be nasty?

          • What D Flop says:

            Brian lets not start on ya weight ok cause that bus you were getting off the other day…so close to tippin over

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I totally agree, use the carriages or back-riding during more appropriate hours…
        What became of the all the other watering holes, like what we see while traveling along East Broadway with flowers growing out if it? Shouldn’t there be others around the Island so as the horses too can stop from time to time to be, “rehydrated”? The barrels can be, (in most cases) placed in the bus bays. Put a plastic barrel on the roof top of bus shelter to supply water where / when needed.

      • What D Flop says:

        Thought I was reading a book…anyway I’m just saying the way these people slave these horses is ridiculous. I stand firm on my comment about the overweight people. If you look who are driving d carriage, they are d fat people. And we wonder why all these people can’t get skinny its cause they’re not walking just shoving their mouths with grease and sugar.

    • Seriously?!! says:

      Fat or skinny people having a carriage ride is irrelevant, a*hole! It’s too hot for the horses, plain & simple. You think if it was dehydrated and without shade but carrying a slender person, the heat would be more bearable? What asinine logic!

      • What D Flop says:

        Last time I checked a** had two s’s. If you can’t lash properly then don’t. Your poor grammar shows who the real a**hole is

        • PBanks says:

          What a world. People are now arguing about spelling in profanities.

          • What D Flop says:

            Of course, you can’t try to come hard and then look dumb by misspelling something you might as well lie back down.

        • cousin says:

          I thought an ass was a donkey? Why are you calling each other the hole of the horses cousin? Ohhhh wait i get it. IRONY because of the horse story… well played sir…..

        • Eh? says:

          I know all about poor grammar. My poor grammar died a few years ago.

          • What D Flop says:

            Did your humor die alongside your poor grammar

  10. DTG says:

    The Government needs to look into this and have a temperature where they are not allowed to have these beautiful creatures working in the heat. I know these people make their living off of carriage rides. but you have to think of your animal first….

    • BermieGirl says:

      The rule of thumb should be simple. If you cannot stand on the asphalt in your bare feet, it’s too hot for the horses! Same goes for people I see walking their dogs during the heat of the day. Even worse, those who don’t understand that a muzzled dog has no hope of regulating their body temperature.

      Maybe if we treated our animals better, we would be more inclined to treat people better too.

  11. Jill says:

    Thank God this wonderful animal lives another day. He is so majestic and regal looking even lying on the ground and letting all those people help him. I’m sure he is in good hands this afternoon.

    • Awake says:

      This horse didn’t have the energy to even blink! And I’m sure it knew those good Samaritans were there to help!

  12. Bermuda SPCA says:

    These operations are licensed and overseen by the Department of Environmental Protection. It is time that additional ANIMAL WELFARE conditions be added to all of Bermuda’s Care and Protection or Animals Regulation including Commercial Horse Stables Licensing 2005.

    • Regina says:

      Do you have any suggestions as to what concerned citizens can do to help move things forward? Something needs to be done.

      • sage says:

        Hold the politricksters (“representatives”) feet to the fire and DEMAND it.

      • Bermuda SPCA says:

        Speaking out is the first step. We ask that the community share their concerns and solutions with the SPCA and WEDCO. With the support of the community the SPCA can work with the organisations and operations involves to find a solution that benefits the animals.

        • Raymond Ray says:

          “These operations are licensed and overseen by the Department of Environmental Protection”
          How many inspectors are hired by the S.P.C.A. / and Government to oversee the whole Island? Inquisitive minds would like to know.

  13. Garrus says:

    I just want to say there’s sometimes more to a story than meets the eye. I know the horse’s owners and they are good people. The horses rarely work more than an hour or two a day and I know they are well loved, fed and get all the water they want. It’s possible that the horse in question may have a health issue that led to today’s sad event.

    • stop abuse says:

      If the owners are such good people, why do they have their animals out in the heat like this? How is that not abusive? It is not 1946 anymore.

    • Regina says:

      Healthy or not, it is too hot for this horse to be working on the hot pavement. FACT. PERIOD!

    • Awake says:

      IF the owners are such good people, why has this happened? A couple of weeks ago, someone commented on how this same horse was standing OUT IN THE HEAT!!! Why don’t YOU stand out there for a long time with NO SHELTER and let us know how YOU feel…that’s unless, of course, YOU DONT COLLAPSE FIRST!!!

    • Animal Lover says:

      If the horse has a health issue, all the more reason for him not to be out in this blasted heat today. We don’t work when we are sick or don’t feel well, why should they?????

    • Just sayin says:

      Bull S*** Cause I am often in dockyard and those horses are out in the heat for hours.

  14. Patricia says:

    This has been going on way too long. I am disgusted that these horses are kept out in this heat with not enough shade or water. My daughter and I tried to assist a few years ago in Dockyard when the horses were out in the heat and we’re obviously suffering but we met with hostility from the driver and the tourists that were in the carriage. I felt like letting the horse free and tying them up!!!

  15. Ruby wang says:

    Should NOT be out in the heat of the day !!!

  16. Animal Lover says:

    I agree with majority of the comments. How often do you see horse and buggies out and the horses are being given water in the heat, almost never. Would we go all day without drinking in the hot sun? I saw a lady walking her dog on the hot road over the weekend. I felt like telling her to walk the dog barefooted. Bet you she wouldnt have walked the dog for long. It’s 90 degrees in the shade people. Have some mercy on these poor animals!!!!!

  17. Jessica says:

    OMG when are we going to learn that these poor horses should NOT be out in this heat?!! Who are these fools

  18. Z says:

    This is absolutely horrible and I hoPe the horse recovers fully! Thank you to those who all helped this beautiful creature!

  19. Yamon says:

    The owner needs talking to!

  20. Just sayin says:

    This does not surprise me I complained a month ago and the owner said that they would make sure the horses got water Those horses have no shelter

  21. Anne says:

    I recall a few years ago, someone putting a thermometer close to the road behind one of the carriages that used to ply Front Street and the temperature was well over 100 degrees at this time of year. I understand that people have to earn a living, but morally it’s just not right to expect a horse to be pulling a full carriage load of people in these temperatures. It should be illegal to have a horse on the road between 12:00pm and 4pm. This poor horse is jet black, he would be feeling the heat even more.

    As for the SPCA’s response, “It is time that additional animal welfare conditions be added to all of Bermuda’s Care and Protection or Animals Regulation” then why has nothing been done SPCA? Concern over these horses working in excessive heat has been expressed for years. The horses on Front Street were just the same. It’s a disgrace that in this enlightened day and age, this is still occurring and it’s also disgrace that our only animal welfare institution has done nothing except state that “it’s time”. Apart from euthanizing hundreds of cats, just what exactly does the SPCA do? We should get together and petition government to change the laws.

    • Bermuda SPCA says:

      These operations are licensed by the Government Veterinary Officer under the Department of Environmental Protection and fall under CARE AND PROTECTION OF ANIMALS (COMMERCIAL HORSE STABLES) (LICENSING) REGULATIONS 2005. The Bermuda SPCA does not have legal oversight when it comes to upholding the Regulations.

      Our objectives are to …
      ~ provide effective, lawful means for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
      ~ promote the education of the general public on the care and well being of all animals.
      ~ encourage and promote kindness to animals.

      The Bermuda SPCA’s euthanasia numbers are substantially lower than any preceding years. Reductions in euthanasia rates are directly correlated to staff restructuring, change in policy and maintaining adoptions rate levels. In 2014 the SPCA took in 378 animals and unfortunately 68 were euthanised. Most dog euthanasia is due to aggression issues unfortunately rendering the animal un-adoptable. Cat euthanasia tend to be age/health related. We continue to work to reduce these rates.

      Bermuda’s residents can be part of the solution by:
      • spaying and neutering their own pets;
      • adopting new companion animals from the Shelter;
      • becoming a foster parent or Shelter volunteer
      • or donating to the Shelter.

      • Lilly says:

        Come on really how many healthy kittens were put to sleep???? We live on a rock not under it! The SPCA really needs to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

        • Hmmmmmmmmm says:

          AMEN to that!!!!!! I so want to be able to support the SPCA but morally cannot until they become No kill and by that I mean no killing of HEALTHY animals (kittens with no mothers etc….) find fosters do something but do not take the peoples money and euthanize innocent babies!

          In their defence they do not make the loegislation that is a Government issue but they (SPCA) should be consulted along with the Islands veterinarians on how we should go forward in the aftermath of this tragedy that happened yesterday. It is not just the horse but the tourists that witnessed yesterdays events that will go home and the first thing they will say about Bermuda is OMG a horse flaked out on the streets making us look like a 3rd world country of animal abusers. Time for some legislative changes ASAP!

    • Animal Lover says:

      I think they should be banned altogether. These horses are not their bread and butter because you only see them out in the summer and surely these people have other jobs in order to take care of these beautiful creatures. If not banned then have them out before 12 or after 6. I leave work days at 5:30 days and it is still a scorture at that time. 4pm is still too early.

  22. Ann says:

    How do we make this stop, it is SO hot out in the afternoon, it is just beyond cruel! Please don’t get me started on the people that would get in the carriage in this heat, tourist or not! I hope the owners are shamed just like the Dentist!

  23. Frequent dockyard visitor says:

    I have lost count how many times I have reported the condition of the flee bitten pair and these pair of black heavy horses to the spca. These horses are in consistently worked in the hottest part of the day without adequate shade, rest or water. On one occasion, one of the flee bitten horses (grey with brown spots) was badly lame on one of its hind legs but still carrying passengers round Dockyard. What do we have to do to get the horses off the road and out of the sun?!

    • Animal Lover says:

      Unfortunately nothing gets done in this island until something really bad happens especially more then once. In this case I hope they don’t wait till one of these poor horses collapse and die before something is done about it. God forbid they are walking with a buggy full of tourists that tumbles over if another horse collapses, I bet you government will step in and do something about it then. Very, very, very SAD!!!

    • Hmmmmmmmmm says:

      The flea bitten greys are also the same pair that ran amoke down Front Street during a Harbour Nights one year, do some research you will see.

    • BermieGirl says:

      The question that nobody seems to be asking is why is the Government Vet issuing the licences to these people? No licence = no horse working in the heat.

      Alternatively, why can’t the Government Vet issue licences with conditions to ensure that they do not work during the hottest hours of the day and that they MUST have shade, etc.?

  24. Bermuda123 says:

    It starts with demand and not supply. Let’s encourage the visitors not to take the carriages in the heat of the day and run the carriages into the early evening for July and August. Personally I’d like to see an end to this trade, but I understand the owners need to make a living, so let’s just move the hours of operation.

  25. D says:


  26. Trevor says:

    I am one of the people that helped out today in this very sad incident. I took the other horse in to my care for two hours and when I put my hand on the animals back I could not keep it there for more than ten seconds because its body tempurature was more than i could handle. This was the horse that was still standing. While standing there with the horse I noticed under it’s harness behind its ear we’re flies when I lifted the harness up I saw a wound from the harness that had rubbed through its fur and skin to expose flesh. These are creatures that helped us to where we are. We need to help them the way they helped us. Regardless of how these owners take care of their horses, making the horses work in these temperatures is abuse.

    • Trevor Smith says:

      These animals don’t only deal with the heat, they also breath in the toxic fumes from the exhausts of cars and trucks. The two horses we are talking about haul a carriage that holds eight people I believe and that is not including the driver. So if each person weighs 150 pounds that’s 1350 pounds. The average horse weighs between 850-1200 pounds. If someone thinks that is equal, factor in the weight of the carriage and all the gear strapped tightly to them. Then think about the heat, poor air quality and lack of water. Remember all animals with fur don’t sweat like us, we sweat all over to cool our body’s, these animals can’t do that.

      • Lynda says:

        Actually horses do sweat, just like us. If these animals were not wet with perspiration, then it means they were likely severely dehydrated and on the verge of heatstroke. No wonder the animal collapsed!

        • Trevor Smith says:

          I stand corrected. Yes the horse I was taking care of was very dry.

          • Hmmmmmmmmm says:

            If he wasnt sweating that is a problem in itself that is how they overheat and flop down when they stop sweating it is called anhydrosis:

            A typical anhidrotic horse will pant vigorously when hot, and its body temperature will rise to 103° or 104° Fahrenheit, and, in some cases, as high as 105°. Despite this rise in temperature, the horse’s skin will, generally speaking, remain dry. There might be some patches of sweating, such as beneath the mane, between the legs, and on the neck, but the rest of the body will be dry.

            The anhidrotic horse often will seek a cool area in its stall and lie down. If it is in a pasture, it will find whatever shade is available. If the horse is in training, racing, or competing in some other activity, it is in a constant state of danger during exercise sessions.

    • Animal Lover says:

      Clearly if the horse had other wounds not sustained from the fall then these people are NOT taking care of these animals properly and only see $$$$$ and should be reported. I hope the vet follows up with the owners on a REGULAR basis.

    • Animal Lover says:

      I need to stop reading the comments because I am getting angry as hell. Trevor thank god you were there as well as the others. If you could not keep your hand on the poor thing for ten seconds then he was basically COOKING ALIVE…..what the hell OWNERS!!!!! I hope you poured water on the other horse as well and gave him or her water to drink. Thank you for caring.

  27. Barbie says:

    Poor thing! Hope he’s ok and that his owner doesn’t do again. Its too hot for the horses to work pulling a carriage!

  28. Bermy greens says:

    This is BS I like to strap him to the carriage and see how he likes it and don’t tell me this is how they make a living cause that is BS also . The horses shouldnt be out there in these temperatures . If the dog wardens can go around and find pit bulls in people’s house then sure as hell they can blaintly see animal cruelty here fine thes guys or take there so called bread and butter from them .

  29. hmm numpty says:

    Yellow lines no parking there.

    Looks like single vial achsedent

    I wondering if liqueur was involved.

  30. Jr Smith says:

    stop animal cruelty…….

  31. hmm numpty says:

    I bet this would not happen if it was a white horse.

  32. crystal says:

    I can’t even bear to look at his poor face lying on the ground. The ground would have burnt him even more! I agree with the rule no horses in the scorching hours of a summer day. There should be plenty or water and shade at other times too. Its a simple solution.

    • SMH2 says:

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

  33. Barbara D Cooper says:

    A simple case of DEHYDRATION – easily avoided by an attentive and knowledgeable owner !

  34. M Marshall says:

    Glad this poor horse is recovering. TG for the good earth angels who immediately helped and knew what to do – Bless them! What can we do to prevent this from happening again?
    How can we stop this abuse? Just what as seems owners have no common sense. Stop the abuse…

    • SMH2 says:

      How difficult could it be for the SPCA to set and enforce rules about horses not working in the heat of the day / providing them with shade and plenty of water? Do they really care about Bermuda’s animals?

      • Not Given says:

        SMH2 – The SPCA can’t pass legislation. They can only act in accordance with the legislation in place. Before screaming about the inadequacies of the SPCA, stop and think it through. The laws need amending, and voting citizens can demand that changes are made by going to their MPs etc.

      • Bermuda SPCA says:

        These operations are licensed by the Government Veterinary Officer under the Department of Environmental Protection and fall under CARE AND PROTECTION OF ANIMALS (COMMERCIAL HORSE STABLES) (LICENSING) REGULATIONS 2005. The Bermuda SPCA does not have legal oversight when it comes to upholding the Regulations.

        • Bermuda SPCA says:

          The Bermuda SPCA cares a great deal about these horses. In recent months our staff have visited the stables and suggested changes that would improve the conditions for these horses. Unfortunately the Bermuda SPCA does not have legal oversight when it comes to upholding the CARE AND PROTECTION OF ANIMALS (COMMERCIAL HORSE STABLES) (LICENSING) REGULATIONS 2005.

          • sage says:

            Be more aggressive fighting for the right, film abuses and name and shame offenders for a start. Lobby the legislators and build consensus. Tired of excuses about lack of laws.

        • Brenda Correia says:

          so even in a case of real/suspected cruelty, you can not do anything?

  35. NT says:

    There is only a certain kind of people I see still partaking in carriage rides, no doubt if purchasing of humans was still allowed that they would be forcing them to do the same as these poor horses. It is too hot for us so you know it’s just as bad, if not worse for them!

    Not only that but those rides cannot be enjoyable either; it’s hot outside, they don’t go very fast(which makes it feel even hotter with no breeze) and the stench of feces from the animals cannot be pleasant! I know this all too well from merely walking past them as a young child when tourism was really booming and these horse and carriages were everywhere. This needs to be outlawed or allowed only after sunset!

  36. ImJustSayin says:

    So the Horse is out in the sun, while the owner or driver is in the shade. Where is the shelter for the Horse? There is no excuse for incompetence.

  37. Animal Lover says:

    Lets get the petition going people and present it to government and whoever else we need to. We do it for everything else. Why not these poor animals who can’t defend themselves. Don’t forget the ones in St. George’s. They too are in the heat.

  38. Lisa says:

    I’m so relieved to know that the horse is recovering. It bought tears to my eyes when I saw him collapse.

  39. J.J. says:

    This situation is just too disgusting, poor animals suffering in the heat! Why don’t these owners use their common sense, would they like to be hauling a bunch of people in the heat? I think not! I would like the government outlaw this practice or only allow the rides much later in the day! These photos of the horse down angers me but tomorrow don’t worry it will be business as usual! Don’t be cruel to animals as they don’t have choices like us!!!!

  40. Observer says:


  41. Raymond Ray says:

    While on the subject of cruelty to animals, lets for a moment think about the numerous cows / calves we see Island-wide standing in the blazing heat in a paddock lacking shelter / shade :-( Yes, there ought to be a Law!

  42. Ann says:

    Please if someone knows how to start a petition to stop this cruelty, I am more than willing to help get as many signatures as I humanly can, I look at that beautiful animal and I feel sick. The world got a petition to the U.S. Government for Cecil, we could do the same here, I myself know at least 100 people that would sign, I just don’t know how to get the petition started.

  43. B Rech says:

    Maybe SPCA should check out his stables to make sure they are in good living state.. the owner(s) should not be allowed to carriage these horses again. In fact take the animals from him… having those horse out daily in the blazing sun with no water or shade. This needs to stop you stopped the horses in town so stopped it in Dockyard. We do not need horse and carriage rides in the West…to much activity in that area for these beautiful animals be in the middle of it all.

    Huge thank to CHRIS ROQUE for saving the horse life.. and all the people that assisted..


  44. Kj says:

    You all are worried about a horse that’s suffering when there are actual people, like human beings working in inhumane conditions everyday. What is a horses life compared to a humans? Have you visited a certain store in Hamilton? They have girls working in there with no ac in this 90 degree weather. There’s no circulating air. No ventilation. No windows. NOTHING!!!!!!! So you’re all sad about some horse, give me a damn break!!!!!!! What about our fellow Bermudians that have to suffer every single day???????????

    • Ann says:

      Puh! I was in there last week and almost collapsed myself. I bet you that would never end up on Bernews. -_-

    • bev says:

      Kj Horses not o nly have NO CHOICE! & Compared 2 humans??They Loyal,Honest,Hardworking-till they drop-,Sensible,Uncomplaining etc. etc. etc. AND DONT HAVE FEROCIOUS STUPIDITIS…LIKE YOU!!

  45. Maria says:

    I take my dogs out for the longest walk at 5.45am for about 45 minutes. After that, they are out in the yard to relieve themselves and if they feel like playing a bit, fine. Otherwise, inside the house they go.

    What is wrong with people who FORCE these horses to work hauling fat-a**ed morons under the blistering heat of the sun? Oh right…the horse owners are too flipping lazy to do it themselves! I say bring on the rickshaw drivers! Let’s see what hours they would work here!

    Truth be told, I don’t know why I bother bitching about this crap on this island…by tomorrow all will be forgotten and this sweet horse will be FORCED to haul more fat-a**ed morons, including their lazy-a**ed owners.

    By the way, if the temperature registers, let’s say 82 degrees…chances are it feels (to the human) at least 92 or 102 degrees…now, just imagine what it feels like to the horse, dog, cow, that is, if you could imagine thinking about someone or something else other than yourself.

  46. J.J. says:

    Big difference between animals and humans,the animals have no choice in the matter such as the horses used in the carriage rides but humans do have choices!

  47. just saying says:

    It broke my heart to read about this poor horse..I most definitely signed the petition and hope that something can change..the heat this year has been more intense that I recall over the last 25yrs.
    While watching the US news I note that there are cooling centres for people to go to, to cool down…it just made me wonder where our homeless people go to cool down..the weather channel for BDa indicates that it feels like 90+ out there…where can they go and what hydration is availabl? I buy cold drinks for these guys…not alcohol…because they are so at risk…