Police Respond: Horse On The Loose

December 5, 2012

At approximately 3pm on Monday [Dec 3] motorists in the Middle Road, Southampton area were confronted with a horse meandering in the road. The horse somehow got loose and unofficial reports indicate that it was wandering the road and disrupting traffic.

A police spokesperson said: “Around 3pm on Monday, December 3rd police officers attended a report of a horse on the loose in the Middle Road, Riddell’s Bay Road Warwick area.

“Details regarding the incident are unclear; however the horse was subsequently located and recovered by Spicelands Equestrian Centre staff.”

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Guessing that horses are easier to catch than criminals, truly the Wild West

  2. Oh JOOKS! says:

    oh whaaaaaaat! That’s crazy, dun. People need to stop letting horses out of the pen…that’s just pure dopeyness 4 real!!!