Minister Tours NSC To Review Upgrades

December 5, 2021

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Ernest Peets Jr. visited the National Sports Centre to review the installation of a new heat pump for the facility’s pool upgrades.

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A Government spokesperson said, “Earlier this year, the NSC announced plans to install an energy-saving micro-grid system – a project that is designed to make the National Sports Centre energy independent.

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“During the site visit Minister Peets was joined by NSC Chair Jache Adams MP, Damon Wade, CEO of Atlantic Energy Solutions Group, Craig Tyrrell, NSC SVP Operations Manager, and James Pace, NSC Facilities Manager.”

Minister Peets said, “The Government is committed to ensuring an economic recovery that is fair, balanced and a benefit to our entire community. The installation of the new heat pump is positive news and I’m encouraged to see that the energy project at the NSC is progressing.

“Ultimately this project will eliminate the approximately $600,000 spent annually on electricity. This means less taxpayer funds will be spent on electricity at the National Sports Centre while ensuring more renewable energy is generated in Bermuda. The project is also key to getting Bermudians back to work.”

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Minister Peets continued, “Atlantic Energy Solutions Group, the contractors for the project, is a locally owned company with all Bermudian staff. Currently 15 Bermudians have been employed at the site, and it’s expected that over 25 individuals will be hired during the project. These are jobs performed by plumbers, electricians and masons.”

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NSC Chair, Jache Adams added, “I’m pleased to see our vision of independent energy efficiency move closer to reality through the installation of our new heat pump. Our athletes and members will welcome the improvement.

“I want to extend thanks to our partners at Atlantic Energy Solutions Group, the NSC Board and staff for their hard work and dedication to bringing this project to fruition. The NSC Board is committed to continuing to develop and improve this critical facility.”

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  1. Spanner breath says:

    Go figure

  2. puzzled says:

    Won’t be long before it looks like the stuff on the left.

  3. Okay says:

    This facility isn’t old so the fact that these operational cost savings weren’t realised from inception is a shortcoming.